TransBike, New Year, New Me

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TransBike, New Year, New Me

By Stan man63
Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora-Adrienne for editing!

Synopsis:When college student Carl Stroud reveals the secret desire to his father, a visit to the mall and a ride on a bike gives Carla a New Year's Wish that makes everything alright.


It's hard to believe it, but now I am the woman that I always wanted to be, thanks to the TransBike and the Dapper Gentleman. If not for them, I'd still be awaiting surgery, but now I am a woman, just like mother was.


I grew up hiding my secret desire to be a girl from my father, Jacob Stroud. He was a retired Marine Corps Major who hated anything he considered UNAMERICAN. Oh, he loved me, but I thought that being a being a macho Marine he couldn't accept the fact that I am a girl, inside. I found out just how wrong I was, and now am Daddy's Princess.

I should have known that he accepted me as a girl since I was always dressing as a girl for Halloween. I was every super heroine who wore a skirt or a dress to help hide my boy parts and especially loved wearing the Star Trek uniforms for ladies. Daddy's only comment was a grunt.

I thought that he hated that I was dressing as a girl, but my sister Rhonda assured me that Daddy was that way with her and she is as girly as can be.

Rhonda was a cheerleader all through school, just like my brother Scott was an athlete. Me, I was a school nerd, always playing chess, or role playing games when not on the computer.


After graduating from Grover Cleveland High School, I went to Wallace College where I majored in electronics and mechanical engineering. While I was at it, I was also taking care of my inner need to become a woman. I found the people who helped me in my transformation from a geeky, six foot tall nerd into a cute, blond who had her choice of hunks to date, but for all of my success, I was miserable.

When my transitioning could not be hidden, I stayed away from my family. For six months, I had refused to visit, making as many excuses as I could, knowing that Daddy would one day come and see about me.

I was working at Wallace College Library when I got a message on my cell phone:

Carl, this is your sister Rhonda. Daddy, Scott and I are coming to visit you this Christmas. We will be there for Christmas Eve.


I did the only thing that I could and got ready for the showdown. I got my apartment spic and span, a dinner ready for everybody and went to the beauty salon to give myself the works. I was all decked out in a red, wool dress, matching heels and hose when I answered the door to see Daddy smiling at me.

"Merry Christmas Carla. I am happy to finally meet my new daughter," he said as he kissed me.

I stood there, awestruck as my family came in and closed the door, wondering what happened.

"Carla, you are wondering why Mac is not being the macho jerk that you expected, right?" asked Momma.


"Yes, I am here."

"Rhonda said that you weren't coming!"

"Well, I was supposed to be on call at the hospital, but Lenny let me take my vacation to come and see you."

Scott guided me to Daddy, where he explained everything, "Carla, my best friend is like you. Melanie transitioned just as you were born and has a family of her own that she loves very much."

"Then, Gary, Patty, and Erin are adopted?"

"No, Chester is their father via invitro fertilization and she carried them and had them via C-section."

"So, why did you NEVER tell me that you accepted me?"

"I had to be sure that you were strong enough, so I stayed neutral and let you choose.'


"Yes, scared that you would be hurt by my Marine buddies! But I think that is taken care of."


Then a Dapper Gentleman and a Bike appeared in my living room, "Carla, I can help, if you believe."

"The TransBike? I have read the stories. I believe."

Then I felt my body change and I shrank to Rhonda's five foot height, and new memories came of me being girl.

"Now, Carla you were born, not Carl."

"Thank you."

"Thank your family," he replied and vanished.


That's how my new life began for a the New Year, thanks to Love and the TransBike.


To Be Continued...