Writing by Ariel Montine

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Sasha Nexus

Writing by Ariel Montine

Including works written under the pen names
Sasha Zarya Nexus and Joanna Dorcas

Author Website : Starry-Eyed Us

Ariel Montine is a starry-eyed, 53 year old, single transwoman. Ariel transitioned full time in 2000 with many different kinds of challenges on her journey. Temperamental and overly emotional at times, she is thankful for understanding friends. Desiring anonymity when she first started writing, she took the pen names, Sasha Zarya Nexus and Joanna Dorcas. Now she is proud to write under her own name..


My Supernatural Universe

Christian Content Included

  • Chatting With Angels - Can Kathryn cope with the angelic message that her friend Monty is really Tina? [Serial To Chapter 5]
  • Dance, Dance, Dance - Can Dee Jay help the cheerleaders win the competition?[Novel, Work In Progress]
  • Life PassedCan Marcus cope with yet another of his clients slipping the bonds of Earth? [Complete Short Story] 

My Medical Marvel Universe

My Science and Sorcery Universe

  • Enterprise: Hunting Hydra  - Can seven college students save the world? [Novel To Chapter 14 of 17 ]
  • Pretty Please - Ross finds some magic from a great great grandmother and  new friends to join on a journey, as told by a grandmother to her twin granddaughters. [Complete Novel]

My Double Drabbles

 Bible Fan Fiction Universe

  • What Would Jesus Do?What would Jesus do if He met a transwoman as He walked the earth?  [Complete Short Story]
  • Joshua's Daughter - Could Joshua's daughter be saved when The One's angel gives second chances?  [Complete Short Story]
  • The Late Unpleasentness  - Could Transwomen be a kidnap prize in the second War between the States? [Novella, Work In Progress]


 Super Friends Fan Fiction Universe


Movie & Cartoon Fan Fiction Universes


  • All It Would Take - Will Wally find in his mother Milly's old bedroom the key to a life changing experience? [Novel, Work In Progress]
  • Cavey can do it - Can Cavey be saved from the results of the last Daffy Taffy plan? [Complete Fan Fiction Short Story]