Kayla's Affair Part 1

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Kayla's Affair

By Rachel Anne Keller

Edited by Holly Logan

Part 1 : The Awakening

It all started the year I turned 13. I was a rather shy boy with long blonde hair, brown eyes, standing close to 5’4” tall and weighing about 95 pounds. There really wasn’t anything exceptional about me. Actually, I think most people didn’t really know I existed.

I was an only child and both my parents were more interested in their jobs than paying any attention to me. Dad had just received a big promotion and he and Mom decided we could afford a bigger, better home. Why we needed a new place, I have no idea. The one we had was fine, with plenty of space, a nice yard and decent, if standoffish, neighbors. There were kids my age around, just no one I was willing to associate with on a regular basis.

The guys were all into their little worlds of intrigue and gangs, the girls were all either boy crazy or into their little cliques. It didn’t bother me in the least that the librarian was my best friend. After seeing what standing out in a crowd did for some of my classmates, I realized that being invisible was a good thing, especially when it saved me from pain and humiliation. All this changed when we moved.

Our new home was a great big colonial pile. Five bedrooms (What on earth did we need three extra bedrooms for?), three full bathrooms upstairs and a half bath downstairs, a living room way too big for a family of three, a family room, a library (Now you’re talking my language!), and a recreation room in the basement. The yard was more like a football field than anything else. There was even an enclosed pool out back. I sincerely hoped my parents didn’t believe I was going to be responsible for keeping this mausoleum clean.
As the movers were almost finished bringing our pitifully small amount of furniture into the new house, a young couple with a girl around my age walked up the driveway. They all said hello, and introduced themselves. They were Dave Reynolds, his wife Patricia and their 14-year-old daughter, Amanda. My father introduced us: himself, Nathan Royce, my mother Nancy, and me, Kyle. As the grown ups chatted, Amanda showed me around the property. She explained that she had known the girl that had lived here previously and had been very upset when they had to move away.

After we were out of earshot of the grown ups, Amanda stopped and was giving me a very strange look. It didn’t take long for it to get the better of me.


Amanda just stood there and giggled.

“Come on, will you please tell me what is so funny.”
“Well, if you insist. It’s just that Mom, Dad and I all thought you were a girl as we walked up, and Mom told me, ‘See? You’ll have a new girlfriend to play with.’”
“No way!”
“Way! I still think you look more like a girl than a boy.”
“Oh, come on. There is no chance I look anything like a girl.”
“Well you are way too pretty to be a boy.”
“Whatever.” I turned my back on her and started to walk away, having to wipe a tear from my eye and tell myself to stop crying, ‘For God’s sake, you are a boy not a girl.’”

I didn’t get more that a few yards away before Amanda ran after me and grabbed my shoulder. After pulling me to a stop and making me turn towards her, she started talking before I could even open my mouth.

“Kyle, please don’t be like that I wasn’t trying to hurt your feelings I was only telling you what we all saw when we were walking up the driveway. I really think you are very pretty.”
I sighed and told her, “Boys are not pretty, Amanda. At best, they are handsome.”
“No Kyle, you are pretty. No, listen to me before you go getting all upset again! I’ve never liked boys before, but I really think I like you. Would it be so bad to be my girlfriend?”
“What do you mean be your girlfriend? How can I be your girlfriend? I’m not a girl.”

More tears started to roll down my cheeks, as I got ready to run again. However, before I could move, Amanda put her arms around me and held me.

“I told you I don’t like boys, but I do like you, Kayla.”
“My name is Kyle, not Kayla.”
“But I like Kayla better,” Amanda pouted.

I was light headed from the smell of her perfume ... or was it what she was telling me? I’d never been held like this by anyone but my parents before, and this was really confusing me. ‘She said she thought I look more like a girl than a boy, right? Yet, here she is, holding me. She isn’t making fun of me or ignoring me, it’s almost as if she wants me to be happy that she thought I was a girl. What was it that she said earlier? Had she said, “I never liked boys before?”

Taking my hand, Amanda led me back around to where our parents were talking. After getting their attention, she asked her mother if it would be all right for us to go swimming. Ms. Reynolds asked my mother if it would be okay. Mom said that it would be, but she doubted that we could find my swimsuit. Amanda just looked at me and told my mother that I could wear one of her suits. Our mothers looked at each other and giggled, saying that would be fine. Still holding my hand, Amanda led the way to her house as I stammered, trying to make a coherent argument as to why I could not wear one of her suits.

When we arrived at her bedroom she pulled me right in and pushed me down on her bed, leaned over me and gave me another hug and a gentle kiss on the cheek.

“Stay right there, Kayla.”
“Amanda, you know damn well that my name is Kyle.”
Amanda looked at me, pouting. “You don’t want to be my Kayla?”
“What do you mean, ‘your Kayla’?”
“Why silly, my girlfriend of course.”
“But I’m not a girl!”

Amanda turned around and came back to the bed. She stood there for a few minutes looking like she was trying to say something but just couldn't. It looked like she was crying but in a silence and without tears. When she got herself back together she sat down and began talking to me. She told me that something had happened to her, and she would never trust a boy again. She could be a friend, and date girls but she never wanted anything to do with a boy again. I sat there thinking about what she had told me.

Finally, “Amanda, just because a creep hurt you does not mean that all boys are like that.”
With tears falling from her beautiful face, “I ... I ... just can’t Kayla. I don’t even want to talk to boys.”
“But Amanda, you are talking with me.”
“I’m sorry Kayla, I see you as a girl, and when I kissed you it felt like I was kissing a girl.”
“Let me get this straight. You want to be friends with me, but only if I’ll let you treat me like a girl?”
“I’m sorry but yes. Do you still want to go swimming?”
“I guess. It is hot out, and getting in the cool water would be nice for a change.”

Amanda took four bathing suits out of her closet and showed them to me. The first was a powder pink string bikini, the second was a black bikini, the third was a white one piece, and the fourth was a blue Brazilian cut wrap. I just sat there staring.

“Well, silly. Which one would you like to wear?”
“I wouldn’t be caught dead in any of those suits, Amanda.”
“What? Don’t you like my swim suits?”
“I’m sure they all look wonderful on you, but on me? No way.”
“Oh come on, Kayla! You’d look just as good as me in any of these suits.”
“Really? For one thing, I don’t have any tits. What would I put in the top?”
“Hummm, I see your point. So the bikinis are out. The wrap wouldn’t stay on right either. You can still wear the one piece.”
“I really want to go swimming, will you promise not to make fun of me if I wear it?”
“Don’t be silly! Why would I make fun of you for wearing something I want you to put on?”
“I can’t believe I’m doing this. Just give me the suit.”

Taking the suit from Amanda. I went into her bathroom to change. After struggling to figure out how to get it on for a few minutes, I finally got it on in what looked like the proper way. I looked in her mirror and just saw a boy in a girl’s swimsuit. Rather silly looking at that. Not the suit, but me in it. I opened the door and got a glimpse of Amanda’s cute bottom as she pulled up her black bikini bottoms.

“See, I told you I’d look stupid in your suit.”
“You don’t look bad. You just haven’t really started growing up top yet though, huh?”
“Amanda, I’m not a girl! I’m never going to grow tits.”
“We call them breasts. It’s a pity though. You’d look great with a B or C cup.”
“Amanda! I keep telling you I’m not a girl.”

Wrapping me in her soft arms, Amanda kissed me again, and all coherent thought fizzled right out of my mind. I couldn’t think of anything but her soft lips and the sweet smell of her perfume. I could not believe I was standing there wearing a girl’s swimsuit and being kissed by a beautiful girl. No girl had ever even paid any attention to me at all, let alone kissed me.

“What were you saying Kayla?”
“N ... N… Nothing.”
“Good. I thought not. Now let’s go swimming before it gets too late.”

Amanda led me down to their pool and playfully pushed me in. Laughing she dove in after me. We swam, played catch with a Frisbee she had at poolside and generally had a lot of fun. Every so often one of us would get silly and dunk the other, then we would chase each other around the pool until the dunkee got a kiss. To say the least, I was having the time of my life, it got to the point that I was naturally answering to Kayla, and didn’t think anything about it when Amanda called me girlfriend.

After a few hours, Ms. Reynolds walked out with some towels and told us it was time to get out and get ourselves dried off.

“But Mom, Kayla and I are having fun.”
“Amanda decided she liked calling me Kayla better, Ms. Reynolds.”

Ms. Reynolds just looked at me for a minute, then smiled and winked at me.

“Well. You girls need to get changed for supper. Now get a move on.”
“Yes Mom.”
“Yes Ms. Reynolds.”

As we ran up to the house, my mother walked out and looked at me, smiling. I just shook my head and went inside with Amanda.

Out of my earshot, though she told me about it much later, my mother continued walking up to Ms. Reynolds.

“Pat did I hear you right?”
“Nancy, relax, and let me explain.”
“All right, but this better be good, I know his hair is long, but he is still my son, no matter what he’s wearing.”

Ms. Reynolds told my mother how Amanda had been hurt and how she would not even go anywhere near a boy now. She told my mother how surprised she had been that Amanda would even talk to me, let alone want to be alone with me, or invite me swimming. Pat then told my mother about how Amanda was calling me Kayla, and girlfriend. She hoped it wouldn’t cause any problems between the families, but if Amanda wanted to treat a boy like a girlfriend, then maybe she would eventually get over her fear of men.

“Well, Pat, if it will help Amanda, and Kyle isn’t upset by it, I really don’t see any harm in playing along.”
“Thank you, Nancy. I have been so worried that Amanda will never get over the trauma from the attack. She has only been talking about dating girls since it happened, and while I would not love her any less I really hope to have grandchildren someday.”
“I completely understand Pat, if Kyle told me he was gay, I’d probably freak out but I’d never abandon my child.”

While we were still upstairs changing, our mothers told our fathers what they had decided, and they agreed that it would not do any harm, and might actually do some good. Then they turned to what they thought was a more interesting topic, but of course wasn’t at all interesting to us.

While they were having the great debate downstairs, we were having one of our own, upstairs in Amanda’s room. I’m quite sure that ours had nothing at all in common with theirs. After I had walked into her bathroom to change out of Amanda’s swimming suit, I looked around and saw my clothes were not where I had left them.

“Amanda what did you do with my clothes?”
“Nothing, Kayla. They should be right where you left them.”
“Well they aren’t”
“Oops! The maid must have come through and put them in the laundry.”
“Just great! Would you go get them for me, please?”
“Alright! Just don’t get your panties in a wad.”

Amanda ran down to the laundry room where she saw Maria sorting out the laundry.

“Maria, did you take the clothes out of my bathroom a little while ago?”
“Yes, sweetheart. They are in the wash now.”
“Oh, my, ... thank you, Maria.”

Amanda giggled as she walked back up the stairs.

“What’s so funny?”
“Nothing. It’s just that Maria took your clothes, thinking they were mine, and put them in the wash.”
“Oh, great! Now what am I going to wear?”
“Don’t blow a fuse, Sweetie. I’ll lend you something.”
“Oh, sure! I’m going to go down and eat with our parents in your clothes? NOT!”
“Well are you going to wear my wet swimming suit, or go down naked then? Oh, my mother will have a cow if you get the furniture wet.”
“I don’t suppose you have a plain pair of jeans and a plain tee shirt?”
“I’m sure I can find something to fit you.”

As I waited impatiently in the bathroom, Amanda looked through her closet for something she wanted me to wear. Grinning wickedly, she bypassed her unisex jeans, and found me a pair of Capri’s that she had outgrown. Knowing that they would never fit me, she also took down a very cute dress, as that is what she really wanted me to wear, anyway. She would just wait to spring it on me until after she convinced me that I couldn’t fit into any of her pants.

“Here, Kayla try these on.”
“Good God! Do you think I’m a midget, Amanda?”
“They aren’t supposed to go all the way down to your ankles, silly. Haven’t you ever seen a girl in Capri’s?”
“Well, they are still too small. I can’t even get the zipper up, let alone button them.”
“Well if you can’t fit into them, you won’t be able to wear any of my pants.”
“Great! What do I do now?”
“Well, you could wear this.” Amanda handed me the dress around the door.
“Oh no, no way!”
“Well do you want to come down naked then?”
“No, I’d just really look stupid in a dress.”
“I’ll tell you what. You get dressed in what I give you, let me fix your hair, and I’ll bet you $20 that no one will think you look like a boy in a dress.”
“But I don’t have $20 to pay you if I lose.”
“No. if you lose, you have to keep my dress on all day, and be my girlfriend. If I lose I pay you the $20.”
“But my parents will freak!”
“If they do, you’ll win, and can tell them it was a silly bet. If they don’t, and say you look like a girl, then I win. Well? Are you going to take my bet, or are you chicken?”
“I’m not a chicken.”
“Fine. Let me get you some underwear to go with your dress.”

Amanda giggled as she went to her dresser and picked out a padded bra and panty set for me to wear. She handed them to me through the partly open door, and told me to put them on.

“You got to be kidding me, Amanda. I’m not wearing girl’s underwear.”
“Don’t be silly. Kayla. You need panties and a bra, or you will show off your bits under your dress.”
“Oh, God! Just give me the panties. Ummm, I don’t know how to put on a bra.”
“Silly girl. Come out and I’ll help you.”

When I stepped out of the bathroom wearing nothing but her pink satin panties, I thought I’d die of embarrassment, but Amanda just held up her bra and told me to put my arms in and turn around. After she fastened the hooks, she unzipped the pink sundress. I raised my arms and she slipped it down over my head and zipped it up. I just stood there in shock until she pushed me backwards and I sat on the edge of the bed. Amanda proceeded to put lacy little ankle socks and white slip on shoes on my feet.

All I could do was sit there. Thinking. ‘What is wrong with me? I’m sitting here in girls clothing, and not screaming. Hell, I barely even put up a fight. Yes, Amanda is the cutest girl I have ever met. Yes, it is great that she likes me. Why does she say she hates boys? Why does she like me? How crazy can you get, letting a girl, no matter how good she looks, dress you up in her clothes? Do I like this? Do I want to look like a girl? What did she mean when she said that she saw me as a girl? Amanda did say she would only be friends with and date girls. Does she want me to be her girl friend or her girlfriend? What are my parents going to say? Oh, my God, this is so confusing. Get a grip Kayla. Kayla? My name’s Kyle, and I’m a boy, remember? This is just a one-time thing for a damn bet, twenty dollars, that’s it just for the money, right?’

“Kayla! Pay attention, girl. I’m going to show you how to do your make-up now.”
“Wait just a minute! You never said anything about make-up!”
“Oh, come on, Kayla. You have to give me a fair chance to win the bet.”
“How do I get myself into situations like this?”
“By being pretty, sweet and caring.”
“First off, that was a rhetorical question, and second, it sounds like you are talking about a girl, not a boy.”
“See? I knew you’d understand if you just gave it a chance.”
“What? Understand? You’ve got to be kidding, I’m so confused I’m lucky that I haven’t had a nervous break down yet.”
“Alright, Kayla. Will you answer my questions honestly, and without being afraid?”
“OK, I will if it will get you to give me a break.”
“You have answered to Kayla and girlfriend all afternoon. If it made you uncomfortable, why didn’t you ask me to stop?”
“I don’t really know. ... I’ve been asking myself the same question, and to be honest, I don’t know. I even thought to myself a few minutes ago, “Get a grip, Kayla!’ I had to stop and remind myself that my name is really Kyle. What is wrong with me?”
“Nothing is wrong with you, Kayla. Maybe you are just finding out that you like being treated like a girl. You have been wearing those clothes for almost a half an hour now. Do you feel uncomfortable?”

“Has it been that long? Really? No, I don’t feel at all uncomfortable. I actually don’t feel any different from when I had my other clothes on.”
“OK, last question. Do you want to take off those clothes and put on a pair of pants?”

I looked at Amanda in amazement for a few minutes. Yes, I could see the truth in her eyes. I never really had to put on this dress. I could have worn pants the whole time. I had let her trick me into getting dressed up like a girl, and didn’t even think twice about it. ‘All for a bet? Lame excuse, Kayla. God there I go again, calling myself by a girl’s name. What is wrong with me? I actually like wearing the dress. It is so soft, and feels so nice, it gives me shivers just thinking about it. Ok, I admit it, I like wearing a dress, but the underwear? Honestly, yes, the bra feels like someone is hugging me all the time, and the panties are so light and soft, it is almost as if I’m not wearing any.’

I wondered if I was really turning into a freak. I liked wearing girl’s bras and panties. I was sure I would go straight to hell if I kept this up. ‘Why am I doing this? Am I doing it for Amanda? I do like her a lot. However, would I do this for any girl? No, I really don’t think I would. Then why am I doing it?’

“There you go, Kayla. Your make-up looks great.”
“Huh? I thought you were just going to start.”
Laughing, “Kayla, Sweetheart, you really get into the zone, don’t you? First, when I did your hair, now when I did your make-up. Well, take a look and tell me what you think.”

When I looked in her mirror, what did I see? I still saw myself. Did I look like a girl? No, I just saw the same old me, in girl’s clothes. Honestly, I would have to say I might make a plain looking girl, but pretty? No way did the girl in the mirror look pretty to me.

“Well girl? Are you ready to see who wins the bet?”
“Amanda, I can’t do this. I’ll die if my parents see me like this.”
“Kayla, relax, girl. You’re going to give yourself a stroke. Just pretend it’s Halloween and you are in a costume. You’ll be fine.”
“Oh, God! Let’s just go get this over with. I guess tonight is as good a time to die of humiliation as any other.”

We went downstairs and walked into the living room, a large room with two matching leather couches, and a love seat between them, forming a u-shape. My parents were sitting on the right, and Amanda’s were on the left. I really had no idea what they were talking about before we walked in, but as soon as we did, everything became very quiet. Of course Amanda just had to be the one that broke the silence.

“So when’s supper, Mom? I’m starving.”
“Well dear, we were all waiting on you and Kayla to get dressed. What took you so long?”
“You know girls, Mom. We were having trouble deciding what to wear.”
“Well both of you girls look lovely”

I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. Neither of my parents had batted an eye at how I was dressed, and Ms. Reynolds was talking like I was a girl. Just to take the cake, Amanda looked right at my parents and asked them,

“Doesn’t Kayla look pretty in my dress?”

My father, I think it was my father and not a pod person, just nodded, and said,

“Yes, Kayla you look very nice in that dress. Maybe if you ask your mother nicely, she will get you one like it.”

Was that a smile I saw on his face? I know my father, and he looked like he was ready to bust a gut laughing.

“Go on, Dad, laugh! I know you want to.”
“Why would you say a thing like that Kayla?”
“Mom, what is going on here? You both act like there is nothing different about how I’m dressed, and you are treating me like a girl.”
“Well, Honey, you do look lovely in that dress, and if that is how you want to dress, why should we laugh at you?”
“Oh, that’s just great.”
“What’s wrong, Honey?”
“Amanda said you’d act this way, and I thought you’d laugh. Now I have to pay off the bet we made.”
“Oh? And what do you have to pay off, Dear?”
“I agreed to stay dressed this way and be Amanda’s girlfriend for the rest of the week if I lost.”

Before Amanda could voice her surprise at my statement, I gently stepped on her toe. She just grunted and looked at me and I glared at her. She caught my drift and nodded. I don’t think any of our parents caught this brief exchange.

“She was going to pay me $20 if I won.”
“Well, are you going to pay off your bet?”
“Mom, I’d never renege on a bet. You know me better than that. I just never thought I’d lose.”
“Well I guess you didn’t know your parents as well as you thought you did.”
“Obviously not, Mom. I love you both.”

I walked over to my parents and gave them both hugs and kisses. Mom laughed when she had to wipe my lipstick off Dad’s cheek. Ms. Reynolds told everyone that supper was ready and the grown ups all started walking into the dining room. Amanda grabbed me by the back of my skirt and stopped me from following them.

“What was that all about, Kayla? Our bet was only for tonight.”
“Well, you got me dressed this way. Is it my fault if I think I like it, and want to see if I still do after a week?”
“OK, in that case I’ll go along with saying the bet was for a week. But only because I think it will be fun, and I really do think you are pretty.”

I put my arms around Amanda and give her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“That’s enough of that! You are going to get us both crying again. Now remember to smooth your skirt under when you sit down and please pay attention to how I eat. I don’t want my new girlfriend looking like a boy in a dress, now do I?”
“No, Amanda, I’ll do my best.”

When we entered to dining room, Amanda led me to the side of the long table and pulled out my chair for me, I thanked her, and sat down. All through the meal, I mimicked her actions, and thought I had done a reasonably good job of acting like a girl. I worried about acting too girly, but I was in a dress, and everyone was calling my by a girls name, so I guessed it was really too late to get too upset about. After dinner, we said our goodbyes and started home.

No one said anything, until we started walking up our driveway.

“Well Kayla, you seem to be enjoying yourself.”
“Dad! Their maid had put my clothes in the wash, and I wanted Amanda to loan me a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, but her pants were too small and when she suggested this dress, I thought she was crazy. But when she called me chicken, and bet me $20 I wouldn’t wear it, I kind of caved in. And why are you still calling my Kayla?”
“Well, son. You hardly look like Kyle dressed and acting like that, now do you?”
“Yeah, I guess you’re right. Are you mad at me for doing this?”

“No Kayla, I’m not mad. If a cute girl had wanted me to be her girlfriend and dress in girls clothing when I was your age, I might have, too. Now I do want to know why you are doing this. Is it just the bet or is there more to it?”
Blushing, and glad it was dark outside, “Well Dad, at first it was just the bet, but after a while I really didn’t notice what I was wearing anymore and I like how everyone was treating me.”
“Well, Pat, what do you think?”
“I’d rather have him doing this with our permission, than sneaking around thinking we would hate him for doing it. If he wants to honor the bet, I think we should let him. But I’m going to have to buy her some clothes. I can’t let her run around in the same dress all week”
“All right just go don’t overboard, especially if they are only going to be worn for a week.”
“Well, are they?”
“Are they what, Mom?”
“Are the girl’s clothes I buy you just going to be worn for a week?

All I did was blush furiously again and continue walking toward our house. ‘Does Mom know something I don’t? This is all so confusing. I really like wearing this dress, and I really want Mom to buy me some of my own clothes. But do I really want to keep wearing them after the week is up? Why did I tell them the bet was for a week?’

When we got into the house Mom told me to go get ready for bed. So, I went up to my new room and looked around. My parents had unpacked most of my stuff when I was in the pool with Amanda. I took of my dress, ‘my dress?’ And hung it upon a hanger. I went into the bathroom and took off my bra and panties, realizing, ‘I’m doing the my thing again.’
After I had taken a long hot shower, I walked back into my bedroom with a towel wrapped around my waist and my Mom was standing there next to my bed with an embarrassed expression on her face and a box in her arms. I looked at her curiously.

“What’s wrong Mom?”
“Well, this is some stuff I was saving for my daughter, but I’m never going to have one.” A tear rolled down her cheek. “Maybe you could use it this week, while you are being a girl?”
“Mom, I love you, and yes, can I please see what you saved for me?”
“But ...”
“Mom, if I’m going to be a girl for a week that would make me your daughter.”
Hugging me close, “Yes I guess it would, Love.”
“Mom, if I had been born a girl, what would you have named me?”
Laughing, but with tears streaming down her cheeks, “Kayla Marie.”
“Mom, would you have been happier if I was a girl?”
“Oh Baby, I love you. Never think I don’t want you. It’s just that every woman wants a daughter, just as every man wants a son. Your father and I wanted a son and a daughter, but our chance at having a daughter ended in the accident that made me sterile.”
“Mom, I love you so much. I promise I’ll be a good daughter for you this week.”
“I know. Love, I know.”

After giving me another hug and kiss, Mom left my room and quietly closed the door. After she left, I opened the box and looked inside. There, lying neatly folded, was a powder blue baby doll nightie with matching panties. I usually slept in the nude, but I wanted to wear it for Mom, so I took it out and put it on. It was a little big, but still felt wonderful to wear. Underneath, there was a set in white silk, bra, panties, garter belt, and garter. It was lovely, Mom’s wedding set? There was also a blank baby book, and diary. When I opened the diary, I saw that it belonged to Kayla Marie Royce. There was no birth date listed. I put everything back in the box, and after setting it on my desk I crawled under my covers and closed my eyes. Sleep gradually overcame me as I thought about everything that had happened that day and what it might mean for my future.

End of Part 1: Awakening

To be continued
Part 2: Shopping

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wow this story

please write more soon as this is a great story
im sure kayla will be very happy ...................
like any little girl he really needs to go back and be a younger sister to this girl and his mother ............

love ron

Kayla's Affair

Lovely story and very penetrating. Sweet and sentimental just as I like and the female 'helper' is not pshcho for once. It is obvious how this story is heading but that is not the point. We want to see the changes and come along for the ride. Your pace is very nice and I have no idea if this is your first story posted Rachel, but if it is even your tenth story I am impressed. Love it and highly recommend KA.



Part One

Very nice. I really liked the part where Kyle/kayla's mom was explaining the wanting a daughter but not unhappy with a son. Thanks for sharing it with us.

And even better, I don't have to wait for part two...it is ready now :)

Rachel, I couldn't read th


I couldn't read this story straight through. I kept laughing too hard to keep reading.

Amanda has her reality and Kyle has his. And Amanda is _not_ going to allow Kyle's reality to impinge upon hers!

That was an especailly good set-up for getting his parents to go along with Amanda's `game'.

I'm very much looking forward to part 3.

One nit? A light clean-up by a good proof-reader would enhance the flow/readability. Some of the errors had me backing up, *what was that, again?*


I just started reading this s

I just started reading this story so far is if very good. I can not wait to finish it and hope there will be more after cahpter three.



This was one of my fondest memories/waking dreams I had when I was a teenager. I was in a fashion show when I was sixteen-heaven-I was a girl in front of hundreds of people and everyone thought I was a pretty girl, even though it was at a Boy Scout parents club event.