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Cross-Country - Part 2 of 7

I stole a girl’s dress. It was the worst thing I’d ever done—and the best!

Cross-Country, by Karin Bishop

Part 2

Chapter 3: The Shopping Trip

Cross-Country - Part 1 of 7

I stole a girl’s dress. It was the worst thing I’d ever done—and the best!

Cross-Country, by Karin Bishop

Part 1

Chapter 1: Discovered

Gaby: BOOK 2 Summer Girl-Part 79 Wood Smoke

    Jules grabbed my arm and just about dragged me up to her room.

    "But Jules!"

    "Stop complaining and go get washed up" Jules was in dictator mode and to be honest she scares me!

    "Come on Gaby, hurry up!"

    "Why can't I just stay up here?"

    "And when Maddy gets here?"

    I could sort of see where she was coming from which is worrying in itself.

    "Okay I give in"

    "Good girl, lets get you into that underwear you had on yesterday"

Julian Denver

Julian Denver


Paula Dillon

A movie role has some unintended consequences for Julian. They all aren’t bad though as Julian gets to see things from the finer side.

Julian Denver sat with his parents, in the producer’s office, script in hand, reading. His agent had called him and told him that there was a producer and casting director, that were desperately trying to cast the lead of a movie. Julian was hoping to become the latest teenage heartthrob. That was enough motivation to bring him in. He had dreams of becoming the latest Justin Bieber.

Alone 2: The Walk

Alone 2: The Walk

Walking down those steps, of the little house that'd been my sanctuary, was one of the hardest things I'd ever done. It didn't help that I was naked as the day I was born either. The aliens didn’t wear clothes although Doc wondered if that would change when the weather got colder. Scouts had seen some wearing protective garments when it made sense to. They simply didn't seem to care to be clothed otherwise.

Part of my camouflage was the box in my arms. During my vigil, I'd seen them searching for portable home electronics, such as cell phones, music players and such. Finding enough to fill my box I was easy. The Berretta 92F hidden in the bottom was insurance because androgynous female drone or not, I wasn't nobody's fool.

Beer Run

Beer Run


Paula Dillon

Craig Lawson was just your above average student going to the University of Texas Arlington,
Jennifer West and her girlfriend Melissa Conroy meet him and things happen.


The two and a half ton rental van pulled up to the Rivendell Apartments and was expertly backed into two parking spaces. It was followed by a well-kept Mazda Preceda. One lady got out of each vehicle and they met up at the back of the truck for a hug.

Prom Queen

Prom Queen
By Stanman63
Edited By NoraAdriennne

Synopsis: When Mom and Dad found out that I wanted to be a girl, they found out about where the new business Build Your Own Body was sponsoring a beauty contest for all transgendered girls who wanted to be girls called Prom Queen. My parents had me to enter it to get the body that I wanted, little knowing that in doing so, that I would achieve so much more.



Gaby: BOOK 2 Summer Girl-Part 78 Wheelie Nice

    I awoke to Mad's light snore coming from somewhere very close, in fact from on my chest! What happened last night?

    "Hmm morning Drew" Mad purred snuggling into my breasts.

    "Erm Mad?"

    "What?" she replied sleepily

    "I er think we should get up?"

    "'S too early"

    "Well I'm getting up" I told her easing out from under her

    "Spoilsport" Mad mumbled


What if you were the last human on Earth?

Standing back from the window, so I wouldn't be seen, I stared outside using my binoculars. Studying how the aliens moved and their facial expressions, I practiced in the mirror. It had to be absolutely perfect so I would fit in.

Food was running low, and making midnight supply runs was proving more and more difficult. I was running out of options, and had no choice, but to make a brazen public appearance to get what I want. In theory, if I kept my mouth shut I should pass.

Turning to the mirror, I'd paid that price. While the rest of the world was being re-made, I'd mostly escaped, mostly. My body was completely hairless, and was androgynous as a 10 year old boy. At least I still had eyes, ears, a nose and mouth. Sighing, I didn't want to admit even that had been taken away from me. It was debatable that I was lucky or not in stumbling into that walk-in freezer.



It was just another Gawd awful, but all too typical hot and humid summer day in the Deep South. I was closer to drinking instead of breathing the thick and moist air, but what else could one do? For one thing, I stayed out of that scorching sun as much as I could. The heat only made it worse, and being under cover in the shade helped.

Knight and Dragon

Knight and Dragon


Into the jaws of death the Knight rode. Before him, the early morning fog lingered over the burnt remains of the entrance to the vale. There no signs that once a village had prospered within those borders.

“Might I ask what you think you’re doing?” A voice out of nowhere rumbled like thunder.

Steadfastly, the Knight ignored the unseen Beast’s question. He’d hoped to surprise the monster as it left it’s lair to feed. Now that he’d been spotted far too early, that advantage was lost. He looked for the monster, but saw naught. Keeping to his task, he picked out the best path to its cave for he and his destrider to begin their charge.

Gaby: BOOK 2 Summer Girl-Part 77 Costumes R Us

I awoke more than a little confused. Where am I? Who's snoring? What am I wear... Aargh! I've got tits! I came fully awake and everything slotted into place. Obicon. I slumped back into my pillows and lay wondering

what today would bring. The gentle snoring from the other bed stopped

and I watched fascinated as Mad stretched, a smile covering her face and finally opened her eyes.

"Morning Mad"

"Hmm morning"

"You want the bathroom before I shower?"

"No, but don't be all day"

No Man's Hand

Have all you high fantasy fans out there ever wondered about other explanations when it was you read that the Witch-king, demon or whatever the baddie is would not fall "by the hand of man?" I have.

No Man’s Hand

Their brave company had accomplished the impossible. The antidote to cure Good King Phillip was in their hands. Now all they had to do was get it back to the Kingdom, but time was not on their side.

The insidious poison Lord Night used to cut down the King could only be slowed, while the antidote could only be made from the same rare flowers that the deadly poison was brewed. It took the intrepid heroes days of hard travel to reach the dread Lord’s keep, and bold action bordering on insanity to enter that terrifying garden of death to harvest those frightful blooms.

Fine Print

It's always advisable to read the fine print before signing a contract as James is about to find out.

Fine Print


Julie O

Thanks to Itinerant and Barry

Chapter 1


The Harp

 The Harp

Go dté tú slán

The Present Day...Somerville, New Jersey...

Coeds 5; New Opportunities

The latest adventure of Jirra Reid and her friends.



This story was started with the assistance of Robert Arnold. He was more than just editor; he gave me input on the characters and plot lines. He also honored me by allowing the use of his wonderful character Jen Stevens. Due to Bob’s passing, we were unable to complete the story together. To honor Bob’s memory I decided to finish the story based on the outlines we discussed. He was a great friend and mentor and I will miss him. This story is dedicated to his memory. He may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.


Gaby BOOK 2 Summer GirlPart 76 Gabicon!

Dad starting the car woke me up and the sunlight streaming into the room ensured that sleep would not be returning. I glanced at the clock,

urgh, half seven! I decided to go for a ride before the day warmed up

too much and I didn't think the neighbours would appreciate me starting

on the lawn at this hour either.

I was at least in a better mood this morning and I was quickly into a

pleasant mile-eating mode. Perhaps it's the weather but even the

motorists are being more considerate this morning! It was just before

nine when I got home, plenty early enough to shower, breakfast and cut

GABY: BOOK 2 Summer Girl*Part 75 On Thin Ice

"Dad's gunning for you" Jules told me as I dumped my sweaty kit into the washer


"Dunno, he was muttering a lot though"

"There you are! In here, now!" Dad bellowed

Jules shrugged her shoulders and I followed Dad into the lounge with no idea what was up, other than trouble.

"You have some explaining to do young man. Just where is your mother's race bike?"

So that was it.

"The Peters" I told him

He relaxed a little but his tone didn't soften.

"And just what is it doing there?"

"Mad borrowed it to ride tonight" I mumbled, "I'm picking it up tomorrow, honest"

"And just why did Madeline think she could use it?"

Bob Arnold, Founder of StarDust

Bob Arnold, the founder of Stardust R Us, died earlier this month and his websites were just brought back up early on Saturday morning, July 16. A rescue effort is under way to be sure that these sites continue to be available for readers and contributors to continue Bob's interest in providing a place for quality TG fiction. Bob's family is behind this effort and we will be moving Stardust to new servers, probably within a month.

About three months ago, Bob passed the administration of Stardust to me, Joyce Melton (aka Erin Halfelven), in part because his failing health was sapping his energy and he had numerous other projects to take up his time. Stardust's editorial policies will continue the same because Bob asked me to keep them up.

Bob's kindness, wisdom, gentleness, wit and skill will be missed but I hope that everyone that comes to Stardust will continue to enjoy his vision of a safe and friendly website.

The Wynter Lioness - Part 8

The Wynter Lioness
Part 8 (Chapter 7)


Something Feels Strange - 55

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

Eventually, I join my Dad in the land of nod. The morning will start my journey back to what I was born to be.

I shall really miss life as Tina.

Chapter 55: The Aftermath

Something Feels Strange - 54

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

I finally give up and crawl in my sleeping bag at one o'clock. I just can't stay up any longer. I'd like to reflect on the evening's chat with Andy, but I lose consciousness as soon as my head hits the pillow.

My last thought for the day is that I'm so glad we came.

This is going to be a great vacation.

Chapter 54: Show Time

Something Feels Strange - 53

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

The cooler we’ve just hauled out to the car signals the end of our preparations—everything is packed in the car and ready to go. I can hardly wait until morning when, finally, we will be on our way. I realize that I’m looking forward to heading to the mountains with almost as much anticipation as I would if I were still Chris. The thought of hiking to the top of the mountain overlooking the lake really appeals to me as does spending some time in the canoe with a fishing pole. It’s been a long time since I’ve done either.

Of course, doing it with Andy really adds to the appeal.

On the flip side, hanging out while waiting for Rana & Co. to drop the other shoe will be nerve-wracking.

Maybe he won’t get the message.

One can always hope.

Chapter 53: Andy's Secret


Synopsis: When Atlantis drowned, King Curry and Queen Mara were given a Blessing that would restore Atlantis when their lineage found two who would once again embody their eternal love.  



The Empire Of Atlantis was the first and greatest of the ancient empires with its arcane knowledge of the mind and spectral realms which allowed them to harness power and elemental forces to do the impossible.

The Mages embraced their abilities and set out to help the People who were suffering from maladies, only to awaken a Darkness that swept over the Land, wreaking havoc as it caused the volcano to erupt, and sinking Atlantis.

GABY: BOOK 2 Summer Girl*Part 74 Over The Edge

It was with more than a little trepidation that I set out Monday morning for a training ride. Was it really only last week that I had the accident? I deliberately chose a route that didn't go along the Worksop road and just took it steady, yesterday's race was ridden on adrenaline and I'm still quite sore. At least it looked like the weather would be better today, not that we'd got much planned, not much more than hanging out really.

I pootled along, being exceedingly cautious at any side roads, and contemplated just why I did this. Of all the sports out there, why did I pick on one of the most dangerous sports going? Well it's not the cycling that's particularly dangerous; it's the interaction with other traffic really. If I really thought about, I was fairly immune to the 'close calls' that I have nearly every time I go out, cars cutting in, pulling out, drivers on their phones or just driving too fast for narrow lanes.

Something Feels Strange - 52

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

Mrs. Harrison gives me a tight hug before turning to the rest and nodding her readiness to get back to the meeting. They return to the conference room to continue whatever planning they are doing. Dr. Quinn smiles and winks at me as he returns with the group. I’m pretty sure that he knew what my answer would be. He knows me too well.

Now, I only have to await the decision.

It’s going to be a long afternoon——

Chapter 52: We're Not Done Yet

Something Feels Strange - 51

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

My relationship with Laurie suddenly comes into sharp focus. It was what? Two months ago that I was having this same conversation with her? Only then I was the one feeling like a fool. If she felt half as bad then as I do now, I really feel sorry for her. I know how Andy must feel having been there myself. I need to try to make him understand that I really do love him, regardless of the motivation which began the relationship. That’s how Laurie got through to me.

I really, really hope this conversation has a similar ending to the one I had with Laurie. At least we won’t be fighting mosquitoes at the same time.

Chapter 51: It's OverOr Is It?

Something Feels Strange - 50

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

If it weren’t for one nagging problem, I’d say it was a perfect afternoon.

The nagging problem?  It’s Andy. I’ve called at every opportunity and left a dozen messages but he’s not called me back. I’ve also sent several emails from my smart phone—he hasn’t responded to those either.

Where is that boy?

Chapter 50: Family, Work, and an Unhappy Boyfriend

Something Feels Strange - 49

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

The first indication something is wrong comes when I hear someone stumble over some shoes I left out just for that purpose.

“Laurie?” I enquire as, groggily, I try to sit up.

“Not quite,” a gruff male voice responds quietly, as I become aware of an aromatic cloth clapped over my mouth and nose. I begin to struggle and bite but I’m pinned to my bed and my world quickly turns black.

My last thought before passing out is: Where’s the FBI——?

Chapter 49: Happenings

Something Feels Strange - 48

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

It also occurs to me that I’ll no longer be able to monitor Dr. Lang’s computer activities as he’ll be removing his computer from the house. I’m sure FBI geeks can hack the hotel’s system and keep the censor program active.  This investigation is truly out of my hands now.

I manage to resist the urge to read Mrs. Lang’s email—after all, I did promise to be a good girl——

Chapter 48: Waiting