Alone 3: The Awakening

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Standard Disclaimer:All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

This is a continuation of my story Alone and won't make much sense without reading the other two chapters.


Alone 3: The Awakening

    The spring sun warmed me as I planted the seeds in the rich soil. Around me, other androgynous female drones did same working the fields much the same as humans had done for untold ages. Now the only things left of mankind were drones transformed against our will into something …else.

    Slowly I became conscious after being, in a way, asleep. The music that had surrounded me for so long gradually faded as the other workers spread out busy upon their task. Like from a very intense dream it took me time to figure out what was real.

    The sun overhead felt wonderful with my bare feet in the cool soil, springtime. However the last thing I clearly remember was it was fall, Halloween Day! Panic nearly made me run, but somehow I knew that would be a very bad thing. Managing to keep working despite the shivers of fear that chilled me far more than this spring morning, I tried to think things out.

    As that music faded a bit more, I was sure that was the answer. Getting on that bus all those months ago, I'd been packed in tight among the aliens. Doc had thought that each might act as repeater tower retransmitting their instructions like a cell phone tower.

    Shivering again, I almost wet myself thinking of how close I'd been to losing my very identity. I might not have gotten the full reprogramming treatment when I‘d fallen into that walk-in freeze all those months ago, but obviously it'd been almost enough anyways. Important safety tip, don't get surrounded in a crowd of drones.

    The big question now, was what do I do now? I had no idea where I was, and I had lost my only weapon.

    Glancing around not trying to bring attention to myself, I saw several large evenly spaced plastic sheet covered mounds of building supplies. At first I wondered what they were planning on constructing when I got a memory flash of disassembling a house.

    The evenly spaced stacks used to be houses! This field once was an urban neighborhood, perhaps even the same one I hid in for so long. A wave of depression washed over me. How long would it be before there weren't any sign at all of the world I grew up in?

    However, I saw the one thing that made me lock down my feelings, a Prince.

    Like me he could've passed for a human; two eyes, nose, mouth, and all the usual number of arms, legs, fingers and toes. Even the bald head wouldn't have stood out. In this post-invasion world, the fact he was a he made him special. While most drones were only about five and a half feet tall, he was at least six and looked masculine instead of sexless like the rest of us. That  was very clear given the way he hung in the breeze since he wasn't wearing clothes either.

    The other thing that set him apart was his attitude. Alien or not he, his body language screamed mastery and arrogance. Just the fact he wasn't busily working like everyone else in sight stated that. He seemed more aware I guess is the word. Judging from his constant looking about, he was the supervisor. That made him someone I most definitely wanted to avoid.

    However, keeping an eye on him, brought another thing to my attention. He was keeping a closer watch on a group of workers a distance away from me. What made them different was everyone was pregnant!

    The strange thing about them were they were all at the same stage as if impregnated at the same time. That made me wonder if Doc and the others who were now long gone had been wrong. What if there weren't any Queens at all, and these Princes were really Kings?

    None of those drones looked how I pictured Queens. They appeared just as sexless as I did myself with the exception of the baby bump.  I had no idea of how far along they were only that they were most definitely pregnant. That is unless those Von Neumann machines of Doc had changed us even further from human than even he suspected.

    There was only one way to know for sure. I had to make damn sure I rode back with them. This could be the important break Doc and the other survivors had died for.

    All I had to do was keep from being hypnotized by the radio in my head, and slip in right under the eyes of one of the invaders. Digging my nails into my palms, I would find way. I had to. There was no one else left.

The End


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Bleak Grover but really interesting.

Actually this really has the flavor of the older SF pieces I used to read in stuff like SF analog. There is definitely an alien vibe with this. The fact there's an invasion and Earth is changing really highlights the differences.

Good Stuff!

*Big Hugs*


Strange New World

I like this a lot Grover. It has a very different feel to it reminding me of classic sci-fi, as Bailey said.


You do a good job of conveying the confusion and determination of our hero(ine) as s/he  tries to make sense of what the world has become and what the invaders really are up to.


I hope there is more to come. :-)

Thank you Bailey and Jemima

I do have a couple more of these, but am having a bit of a blockage. Getting the right tone takes a little work, and as I go forward creating something that makes that worthwhile is a trick. We will see how well I do! Thanks again for the comments!



Plan? Ain't got no Plan!
"Beyond Thunder Dome"

Ugh... quite dark it is... I

Ugh... quite dark it is... I wonder, has s/he been impregnated already and will s/he be able to piss at the invaders somehow?

thank you for writing this captivating story,

We will see how well I do!

We will see how well I do! Thanks again for the comments! Hugs. The fact there's an invasion and Earth is changing really highlights the differences. Good Stuff! Free Credit Score