April Fool's Gift

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April Fool's Gift
By Stanman63
April Fool's Day Story

Synopsis:A pre-op Transgirl gets her wish thanks to April Fool's Day and a Genie.



On April Fool's Day, there were two friends sitting down to eat in a local cafe. When Dinner was ordered, they began to talk.

"Well Tommy, what about you? You still getting the operation?"

"In time. right now, I still have breasts."

"Good for you my friend, I still need to shave, the estrogen has just started to work."

"Who is the surgeon?"

"Doctor Murphy in Copenhagen."

"Yep, same here glad that I found him for us."

"Thanks, you are such a good friend to me."

"Anytime my friend, anytime."

Then a call came from the smoking section for a lighter. Tommy quickly pulled out a very large Bic lighter and handed it over to the waitress and told her they could keep it.

Tommy, where did you get that monster lighter from? Saul asked in wonder.

"Oh, I got it from my Genie."

"Aw, come on now Tommy, there are no such things as Genies."

"I'll prove it by letting him grant you a wish. But I must caution you that he is a prankster."

"O.K. my friend, bring him out."

Then Tommy pulled out a lamp and rubbed it until a small Genie appeared. "Yes oh Master, how may your humble servant meet your needs?"

"Genie, I ask you to grant my friend Sarah a wish."

"Yes My Master, your Wish is my Command," said the Genie, turning too Saul, he asked, "What is your Wish oh Mistress?"

"You like to pull pranks, right?"

"Yes. So?"

"This is April Fool's Day. I don't want to be a man and Tommy does not want to be a woman," I declared.

"What is your Wish oh Mistress?"

"I wish for you to get us ready for tomorrow."

"What is so special about tomorrow?"

"We are going figure skating."

"Your Wish is granted," said the Genie, then he clapped his hands and vanished. All of a sudden, they were attired in figure skating costumes: Tommy in a tuxedo and Sarah in a black skirted leotard, and Danskin tights. Both had changed genders.

"Like my April Fool's Day gift?"

"Love it."