Preview: Asgardian Sagas

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This is a work of fiction. As such, if it represents another’s work or someone’s life, in is pure

happenstance. The majority of the names are the Americanized version of the old Norse names.

This work is indeed my property. Please ask permission before using this story for basis of any others.






The Aesir, Asynjur, and Vanir were gathered in Gladsheim to discuss

possible strategies to avoid Ragnorak, the end of the world. The court was

called to order by the pounding of the enchanted hammer known as Mjolnir.

This was followed by a call to order.


“Are all here and accounted for?” asked Odin as per tradition but not

of practicality as he already was in knowledge that Loki was not to be found

among the contingent today.


The answer came as expected, “Aye, Lord. The only no show is that

mischievous bastard Loki.” Replied Frigga.


“Good,” replied Odin, “Since he is not here and everyone else is

accounted for, we can openly discuss plans for avoiding the end of all nine

of the realms including both Midgard and Asgard. The floor is now open for

possible plans and suggestions. Any plan does merit debate as sometimes

the most unorthodox battle plans are extremely successful for the specific

problem they address.”

“I recommend sending out into the world one of my Valkyries and one

of the warriors from Valhalla. We can combine their souls into one and

send it out into the world to save a noble warrior from dying so that he may

serve us. He will become the child of Lord Odin and me. This comes with

the blessings of our house and training time with a few of us to learn the

different aspects of each of the nine worlds and Asgard,” replies Freya.


“Interesting idea. Definitely a possibility. Come up with the names of

the mentors and then we will vote on this,” replied Odin.