Tattoos / Bodypiercing

A Shift In Reality

BY Roni

It was a Tuesday like any other day is sunny California, the Santa Anna winds were blowing and of course the fear of forest fires was high, I was stuck in traffic as I made my way to work. I had landed a fantastic job working with the Department of Defense as a data analyst, my hard work in school and my ability to learn languages paid off with this job. I tuned in my radio to the news station trying to see if they would tell us why the traffic was so backed up, at this rate it would take me two hours to get to work. The reporter was talking about some accident that had happened at the Malibu turn off as well as the usual road repair that was closing down the lanes. Traffic moves slow but steady so I managed to inch my way past the accident and though the lane closures. Finally the speed picked up and I was cruising nicely, I made my exit off the hi-way and headed towards Los Angeles. The office building was located in south LA which I thought was funny seeing that most of the illegal’s lived there.

Green Sun -5- Hot Diggety Toad

Sophie glared. "You're saved. We saved you. What's'a matter, Hobie? You could at least be grateful and eat a damned hot dog!"

Green Sun
Green Sun
Chapter 5 Hot Diggety Toad

by Donna Lamb

A Cat's Tale

A Cat’s Tale

Julie O

Derek's fascination with transformations led him to Dr. Minda Stewart and a chance that led beyond his wildest dreams.