Altered Fates by Jennifer Adams

Altered Fates- Shocking Part 2

“What does a man have to do to get some respect around here? Clean the toilets?” Murray asked in a sarcastic tone of voice.

“No, just give your wife a foot massage.” Misook joked back at her husband.

Rachel then added. “Naomi and I would like a pony too.”

Altered Fates- Shocking Part Two

By Danielle J

Synopsis- Clyde Heppner while not totally believing Misook Epstein’s story, agrees to take her on as a client.

I need to thank Puddin in a big way for her help with this story.

Altered Fates- Shocking

Altered Fates- Shocking

By Danielle J

Synopsis-  Ernest Jackson was doubled crossed and turned into a woman. Seven years later she has located the person who changed her. Does she want revenge or the a possiblility of regaining the Medallion of Zulo?   

Altered Fates- Shocking Part 1

Altered Fates- Shocking Part One

By Danielle J

Synopsis- Clyde Heppner is a private investigator working and living in Southern California. One day a woman pays him a visit at his trailer home and asks for his assistance in locating a person she once knew.

This story is dedicated to John in Wauwatosa. He has been very kind to help me with a few of my stories. I want to also thank Puddin for her help in preparing this story for publication.

Author’s note- The idea for this story came from an old episode of The Rockford Files.

Altered Fates- The Hustler

"Mr. Berger?" The limo driver asked. Deb nodded. The limo driver then opened the rear passenger door and Deb stepped inside the limo.

"Hello cutie." Said a very attractive blonde with what sounded like an Scandinavian accent. There were two other women in the car, but no sign of Robert.

"Hi there." Deb replied taking a look at the 3 beauties in the limo. This might be a fun night after all.

Altered Fates- The Hustler
By Danielle J

Synopsis-Frank Berger was a golf hustler working in Palm Springs California looking to make some big bucks playing some Hollywood celebrity. His girlfriend Deb while out shopping buys some strange necklace at an antique shop. I wonder what will happen?

Author’s Note- The following story is based on a true story involving a golf hustler and a couple of movie stars. Of course I added the TG element. Nevertheless the TG element is secondary to the rest of this short amusing story. The main character is not the man who became a woman but the woman who became a man.
One last note- The setting for this story is in the early 1970’s.

Altered Fates- The Missing Episode of The Fugitive

Richard Kimble immediately saw he had made a mistake. The street was a dead end, or rather a cul-de-sac with homes on all sides. He knew he was finished. Then he heard a voice.

"In here, quick!" said a woman from a nearby doorway. With little other choice, Kimble ran into the house. The two police officers ran by the dead end street.

Kimble stood in the foyer of the house catching his breath. Then he looked up and saw a familiar face.

"Hello, Richard," said Claire Mathews. "It's been a long time."

Altered Fates- The Missing Episode of The Fugitive
By Danielle J

Altered Fates- Only the strong can forgive

 Altered Fates: Only the strong can forgive

By Danielle J

Synopsis- Two teenagers find the medallion and begin using it for innocent reasons. It is said that "To Forgive is Divine". But how strong does a person have to be to even consider such a thing when he or she has been terribly wronged? Just remember this: True forgiveness comes from the heart, not the mind.

This story is dedicated to the families of Sarah Stone and Mary Karen Read plus all the mothers and fathers who lost a child at Virginia Tech University on April 16, 2007.

Thank you to Mallory, Bill, Jay, Father Anthony, John, Maggie Finson, and Circe who assisted me with this story.

Cast of Characters

Jeff Lockwood and Loc Metzger- High School Seniors and sweethearts. Also members of Wilmington High School’s Class of 1993
David and Carol Lockwood- Jeff’s parents. David along with one of Jeff’s Uncles owns three auto repair shops.
Tabitha ‘Tabby’ Lockwood- Jeff’s eleven-year-old sister
Tom and Julie Metzger- Loc’s father and mother
Mary Metzger- Loc’s paternal grandmother
Kevin and Kathy Metzger- Twin ten-year-old half siblings of Loc Metzger
Drew Hamilton- Twenty-year-old Emory University student
Claude William Hamilton III- Drew’s father and CEO of Hamilton Enterprises
Elizabeth Hamilton- Wife to Claude, Mother of Drew.
Stephanie Brooks and Dawn Jacobs- Duke University students
Dan Compton

Note or warning- One character in this story has very strong and distasteful views on race relations. The N word is used over a dozen times in this tale.

This story is a work of fiction, but I drew on two real-life stories. There is a third story which ‘Only the strong can forgive’ is even more like, but I didn’t use in any way for what I write below. It is just ironic that a TV movie was shown on television while I was still completing this story.

I’ll comment further on all this at the end of the story.</em>

Altered Fates Hawaii Five 0- A Woman's Work is with a Gun

Altered Fates Hawaii Five 0- A Woman’s Work is with a Gun

By Danielle J

Based on a teleplay by Glen Olson and Rod Baker

This story is dedicated to the late Leonard Freeman, creator of one of my favorite television shows, Hawaii Five 0.

Author’s note- I’ve been toying with the idea of doing an AF Hawaii Five episode 0 for years. One season seven episode, A Woman’s Work is with a Gun, was best suited for making a few TG modifications to. The trouble was, I hadn’t seen the episode in years. That’s till I recently got a copy of it.

The Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door
by: Julia Manchester
© 2001

Ryan wiped the sweat from his brow and glanced across the field to where the cheerleading squad was gathering up their purses and gear, preparing to call it a day. Even from that distance he could pick out Emily Watkins, his gorgeous girlfriend, as she stooped to retrieve her pompons. Emily was incredibly graceful, and Ryan could have remained where he was all day, just gazing at her.