Lainie Lee

How Could She Refuse -21-28-

Hertz So Good

Al Nez will pay my rent, pay for my schooling, give me an allowance and
all I have to do is dress like this" --Davey gestured at his tight
leather dress-- "and read to him?"

"Or whatever else he wants," agreed Larry.

"That part scares me."

Larry shrugged. "It's going to be better if you take the deal."

"I don't have a choice, do I?"

"Not really."

"What else might he want?"

"No idea. But the boss isn't a bad man."

"Could have fooled me," Davey muttered. Still, he hadn't been hurt -- except for the waxing, that did hurt.

Would You Believe?

"What do I tell my folks?" asked Davey.

"Tell them as much or as little as you want," said Larry. "Whatever you say, they're going to find it hard to believe."

Davey nodded. He noticed a phone hanging from the wall in the kitchenette. "Can I use that?" he asked.

"It's your phone."

Davey spoke wih his mother for a few minutes, telling her only that he'd found a new place to stay in a nicer part of town.

Larry went to answer the door. Davey had just hung up when he heard Little Ruby's musical contralto, "Baby, Mommy's home!"

So Fine

"What are you doing here, Ruby?" Davey wanted to know.


How Could She Refuse -15-20-


"Tell me about yourself," said Frankie the Nose. "You were reading a book earlier. Do you read a lot?"

"I read a lot. I guess. If I'm not going to class or sleeping, I'm studying or reading just for fun." Davey wanted to not get too specific about himself. He glanced down at his plastic bosoms. Things were weird enough without discussing his boyhood while dressed like a high class call girl.

"You're a student? What are you studying? A pretty girl like you, I'll bet you end up with your MRS degree," Frankie teased.

How Could She Refuse -8-14-

A Continuing Drabble Saga - Part 2

How Could She Refuse?

by Lainie Lee


Dee Disappearing Boy

It's like some fever dream, thought Davey. He stared into the mirror Beth held, staring at the woman staring back -- beautiful, bewildered -- and vulnerable.

While he gawked, Ruby worked on his chest, feathering the edges of the falsies she had glued on so they seemed to be part of his body.

It didn't just feel weird to Davey, it sent bolts of weirdness deep into his soul.

Ruby sat back. "I made them edges disappear," she told him.

"I'm disappearing," said Davey.

"Nothing left of you soon," she agreed, grinning up at him. "'Cept a pair of Double Dees."


"Don't touch me!"

"I'm gonna show you ... ."

"You're not gonna touch me! Not there!"

"Okay, okay. Do it yourself, sugah. Pull the girdle most of the way up, tuck things back and in and ... you never done this before?"

"Before what?"

"Hee, hee! Before what, I like that. Yeah, sugah, now snug it up to your waist, and see? Flat in front and the padding in the girdle give a bit more booty than your po' white ass came with OEM."


"Originally Equipped Male. You're blushing! You so cute, baby. Your date gonna eat your fine self up, sugah."

Dress for Excess

While Ruby dealt with Davey's falsies, Beth had depilated his legs then creamed and soothed them and painted his toenails. Stockings attached to garters and then the blue leather mini went on, fastened with a concealed zipper in the back.

Ruby and Beth surveyed their work. "Mm, hmm?" asked Ruby.

"Mmm," agreed Beth.

"What?" Davey wanted to know. He blinked, eye makeup made his lids feel heavy.

"You needs jewelry, and a bag," said Ruby.

"If your date doesn't offer jewelry, marriage or bearer bonds, check his pulse," said Beth.

The women laughed. Davey, too, though he wasn't sure why.

Orange You Glad?

With a necklace of shell beads, matching clip-on earrings, a spritz of stinkum and a touch-up of gloss and mascara, Davey wobbled away on a new pair of heels.

"First dates are so bittersweet," said Beth.

"If you got bitter fruit, make Calvados," Ruby said, producing a broad-shouldered black bottle and a smaller gold one. "Got orange soda? We can toast our girl."

Soon each had a Bitter Orange Cocktail. "To Dee Dee," said Beth.

Ruby sipped. "That'll put a wiggle in your tail."

"We should have made one for her."

"She'll be okay," said Ruby, looking toward the door.

Don't Answer

"Who?" Davey asked.

"Frankie the Nose?"

"I never heard of him."

Larry patted Davey's hand. "Don't worry, if you're not a member of The Industry, you won't be expected to know who he is."

Davey almost yanked his hand back from where it rested on Larry's arm, but wearing high heels made him worry about falling on his face in the middle of the street. His beautiful new face -- he reached up to touch his own cheek with a delicately painted fingernail. "He's in show business? Mr. the Nose?" he asked.

"Something like that. You ever watch The Sopranos?"

Just a Giggle, Oh!

How Could She Refuse?

A Drabble Saga 

How Could She Refuse?

by Lainie Lee

Vengeance of Dr. Rhino

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The Adventures of Dr. Rhino, Supervillain


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Suit Your Self

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