Maddy Bell

Gaby: The Anime Days * Chapter 23 * Sleepover

When we got to Maddy's I rang home and got my sister in on the plan and told her where the bank pass was. She agreed to square things with dad too, she was a more convincing liar than I was!

Maddy meanwhile had got her mother to agree to the plan and I'm sure I saw a twinkle in Mrs Peter's eye when she looked at me. Ally and Bernie went home promising to return about seven with their nightwear. So here I was, reluctant participant in a girl's PJ party. Other guys would fight to be here but other guys are not dressed so they look more like a girl than some of the girls!

To be truthful I didn't know what to expect. When Ally and Bernie got back, 'Aunt Carol' as she insisted I call her, put a pizza in the oven, Jules must have smelt it as she arrived just as it came out. Afterwards Aunt Carol laid out the rules for the evening.

Gaby: The Anime Days * Chapter 22 * New Girl

"Wake up girls!"

"Urgh" my mind just about registered the voice.

"Come on Maddy"

My mind couldn't make sense of the words. I heard a door nearby open.

"Come on Gaby, time to get up for school"

I was still struggling to make sense. Who was Gaby? Who was the female telling Gaby to get up for school?

"Come on Gaby, your breakfast is waiting"

"Ugh" I was really articulate, "who? What?"

"Come on young lady, up and at 'em!"

I sort of recognised the instruction was aimed at me through the fuzz of morning and started to get up. I rolled over and something was in the way, something that was a bit of me, something on my chest.


The door banged open to admit a dishevelled Maddy.

Gaby: The Anime Days * Chapter 21 * Gaby Exposed

Mrs Peters was now unsure as to how to proceed. Accuse 'Gaby' of being Drew? Ignore it and see what develops? The two youngsters were certainly not acting 'strangely', Maddy obviously knew the truth or did she? And Jenny in Europe too! By the end of the meal she had made her decision for better or worse.

"Right girls, I think you have something you need to tell me?"

"We do?" Maddy asked in all innocence.

"I'm not stupid Madeline, now I would appreciate the truth"

"About what Mum?" Mad was really playing this while I had got an inkling that she knew.

"If I have to spell it out. Why is Drew Bond sat at my table wearing your dress?"

Well the cards were on the table sure enough. I just sat there trying to sink into the solid dining chair. Maddy was not ready to give up yet though.

Gaby: The Anime Days * Chapter 19 * Gaby At School

Well I rode that ten like a boy (girl?) possessed! The timekeeper hove into view and I was finished and freewheeling down into Cuckney village. I couldn't tell you much about the ride; I had put all my concentration into it, blocking out my appearance and any thoughts of my soon 'official' time as Gaby.

"Excellent ride young Bond, your mother will be proud"

"Er what did I do?" I asked the timekeeper.


"Wow, that's only ten seconds off my personal"

"Well done, everyone else is slower this week."

I was really chuffed at this insight; I could only put it down to concentrating more.

"See you next week then?"

"I expect so, bye"

"Bye lass"

Gaby: The Anime Days * Chapter 18 * Gaby Rides Again

"Come on you two, we're all going to Retford market with Bernie's mum"

"And your both coming, mum said!"

Well how could we argue with that sort of determination? We both got our stuff and met the others at the corner where Bernie's mum was waiting in her Previa. We all piled in and we were on our way to Retford.

The market we were headed for is much like the town, quite small and old fashioned, but it was a real outdoor market in the streets. It's not far away, I could have ridden my bike there in under an hour, and in the SUV it took about forty minutes even going via Worksop!

"Ok kids"


"Sorry, okay it's nearly one thirty now, meet me at the cross at three thirty"

"Alright Mrs Rose"

"And no moping you two" that comment was to me and Jules.

Gaby: The Anime Days * Chapter 17 * Back To School

After the euphoria of the previous evening, Sunday was a bit flat and melancholy. We all travelled down to mum's race south of Leicester, unusually in dad's car as we only had the one bike. Mum herself was a little pent up and most of the journey was in silence, even us kids weren't bickering.

I'm not sure whether it was the after effects of Saturday evening but mum's ride was a bit lacklustre, uninspired. We drove across the course to cheer her on and she gave us a grin as she passed but her mind was obviously elsewhere. Not elsewhere enough to miss the break when it went though!

Gaby: The Anime Days * Chapter 16* Easter Break 4

Wednesday morning. What I night! I barely slept thinking about yesterday's events.

"Morning Drew, where are you off to today"

"The guys are going to Sheffield"

"Aren't you?"

"Well I was but I don't want to as you're going away soon"

"That's really sweet Drew, but you go with your friends, we can go for a ride and talk later when you get back yeah?"

"I guess"

"Look, you can out to see me in a few weeks and I'll be back every few weeks anyway. So go on and enjoy your holiday"

Mum was quite persuasive when she wanted to be. I was quickly ushered out and I was a bit breathless by the time I got to the bus stop.

"Hi Drew"

"Hi Maddy"

"How'd you get on last night?"

Gaby: The Anime Days * Chapter 15 * Easter Break 3

Didn't I mention that the other guys were all wearing jeans! Well I guess my skirt did mean that I looked pretty girlie, even with my flat chest! I have to admit that I did feel reasonably confident that no one would pick me out dressed like this, most of the kids at school had seen me at the dance so although Drew was missing, 'my' appearance with the others shouldn't appear strange.

Well even though we walked through our own neighbourhood, we managed not to meet anyone we knew. It wasn't a long way into Warsop and the bank and we were there just before eleven. We went in and had to wait while another customer was served before the group of us approached the teller.

"And what can we do for you young ladies today?"

"I'm Gaby Thomas and I need to see Mrs Jenkins?"

"Ok, I'll just get her from the back"

Gaby: The Anime Days * Chapter 14 * Easter Break 2

"Drew I'm sorry but there was a problem at the bank"

My heart sank, I had really thought that Ally would sort the problem out this morning.

"Wouldn't they let you open an account?"

"Worse than that"

"What could be worse?"

Ally was obviously in a bit of a state, but I couldn't imagine why.

"Well I don't have the cheque either, they kept hold of it"

"Why?" I was a bit panicked now, I mean a hundred pounds is not a fortune but it's still worth having and to lose it, well I didn't want to lose it.

Gaby: The Anime Days * Chapter 13 * Easter Break 1

Two whole weeks off school! It was all planned to the nth detail, bike rides, bowling, cinema, the Easter weekend away racing, a visit to Nan and lots of chilling with the gang!

The only black cloud on the horizon was the potential problem of cashing my prize cheque from last night. After a short training ride, I got dressed in jeans and t shirt ready for today's main attraction - bowling.

We were all going, that is Bernie, Ally, Rhod, Clive, Paul, Maddy, Jules and her mates Charlie and Anna and me. We had an alley booked for two so we were meeting at the bus stop at twelve thirty.

That left me with some time to kill so I thought I would bug my sister for a bit.


"You know about the cheque right?"


"How am I gonna cash it? I mean it's made out to an imaginary person"