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Gaby:- The Anime Days * Chapter 2 * Gaby's Surprise

We had just over a fortnight Christmas break, the first week including Christmas day would be at Grandmas near Nantwich, hence me and mums ride earlier today. Then we would go back home to Church Warsop near Mansfield for New Year, that was always a big family do that we all looked forward to.

I still had Mums pink fleece and low sandals on when we got to grandma's house, dads Renault was parked in the drive so we parked the Volkswagen Camper on the road. I have to admit that I had almost forgotten how I was dressed until I got out and found myself on the receiving end of a wolf whistle and crude comment from a passing local kid who I had in the past played footie with on other visits to Grandma.

Gaby:- The Anime Days * Chapter 1 * Gaby's Entrance

"Come on, if you don't hurry up we won't get there in time"

My mom was chomping at the bit and I was dragging my
heels. I had ridden this charity Christmas event the last two years;
both in my normal race kit but this year Mum insisted I ride on the
tandem with her and in fancy dress! Well I'm not exactly a big dress up
fan but Mum was emphatic and said she knew just the outfits we would

"I look plain stupid in this"

"No you don't, come here let me fix your lipstick"

I submitted to her ministrations and caught a glance
of myself in the mirror. Cringe. At least, I thought, I wasn't too
obviously myself, and once we got going no one would really be able to
tell who was in the costume. Oh the costume, well Mum had come up with