Prudence Walker


Araya's Hope III
By Prudence Walker

Araya’s children have grown up and now are ready to set off on a mission to retrieve another lost Earth colony. Unfortunately, they encounter more than they bargained for. The colony was split and at war with each other, then things get really complicated as the war attracts the attention of an old enemy.

The Return of Hope

Back on earth with the remnants of mankind, Araya makes a decision that could cost her her life. But she makes it willingly to rid the Earth of the alien threat waiting just outside the protective screen around the Earth. Join our heroine as she makes a sacrifice no woman should should have deal with.

Araya's Hope


By Prudence Walker

Whoop! Whoop! Warning, imminent danger


“SHUT THAT OFF!” I screamed, over the com, drowning out the ship’s alert system.

“Sorry captain, but that’s not under my direct control,” the AI that I call Puda, replied. “I have, however, rerouted the alert system so your cabin is isolated.”

“On my way,” I acknowledged.

Fumbling to drag on my pants, I cursed the day I’d left Orbiter Nine, my birth habitat as I raced to the control deck and headed for the bridge. There, a myriad of flashing lights greeted me. I had no crew, not that I needed any, as Puda controlled all of the ship, bar the alert system. it seemed.

The TEG Legacy

While looking for
souvenirs from the fallen NASA space platform Skylab, which had crashed into
the hot desert of Western Australia, Gary found something else that had fallen
from space. Something non-terrestrial
which would change his life forever. A
legacy from an ancient race would see his life transformed beyond any