Teenage or High School

Something Feels Strange - 35

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

“Yes,” I inject into the rambling. In fact, I have to say it twice before he gets the message. When he finally gets it, there is a long pause.

“Did you just say yes?” he asks finally.

“I did, Andy,” I respond. “I’d love to go to the dinner dance with you. If you want, we can just be two friends at a dance.”

“You’ll go with me?” he asks as if he didn’t hear me.

“Yes, Andy,” I say again, “I’ll go to the dinner dance with you.”

Chapter 35: Date Preparations

Something Feels Strange - 34

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

“That pretty much sums it up for me to,” I tell her. “So help me out here, girlfriend. Right about now I’m thinking that Andy is pretty sexy. He’s got wonderful hazel eyes that I get lost in, strong shoulders, a cute butt, and smells so manly. He’s also got a kind and gentle personality. I get all gooey just thinking about him. I also took a good look at Dan today and think he’s pretty cute too, but I know him too well and can’t imagine anything going on there. Am I going nuts or what?”

Laurie smiles and gives me a hug, “No, Tina, you’re not going nuts. You’re just a normal teen girl who is learning about love and life. Welcome to the club. Oh, and you might want to add a few panty liners to your purse.”

Chapter 34: New Opportunities

Something Feels Strange - 33

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

“Don’t get any ideas, buddy,” I give him a warning look. “Suzie is a friend of mine and there is no way I’m going to come between you two.”

“See,” he says in exasperation, “You’re taking it all wrong. I won’t say that you don’t turn me on, but then every cute girl does that to a guy. I just have this déjà vu feeling like you’re my ‘best bud’. I can’t get romantic with my ‘best bud’. That’d be too strange.”

I know the feeling, I think to myself. If he only knew—

Chapter 33: Dealing with Hormones—Female Style

Something Feels Strange - 32

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

As I drive home, I keep an eye on the rear view mirror in case I’m being followed.  I even take a few odd turns aimlessly down residential roads but don’t see anyone following me. I’m sure that the Major is being cautious, but I’m starting to think we need to keep from getting paranoid. After all, who would be worried by a simple teen girl working as an intern?

Chapter 32: Hormones

Something Feels Strange - 31

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

I pull the shoes out of the closet and ask, “So who d’you think the greatest catch in your class is? Maybe I can help you snag him.”

She pauses in thought for a minute. She’s obviously struggling with what she wants to say. “You have to promise me you won’t tell ANYONE this,” Caitlin says emphatically. “I’m only telling you this because you’re my best friend and I know I can trust you.”

“You can trust me,” I tell her with sincerity, “after all I’ll be gone in a couple of months.”

“Okay,” she leans close and whispers. “But you can’t tell anyone—especially your cousin. I’d just die if she found out. If I could pick any guy to be my boyfriend,” she pauses and looks furtively around, “it would be Chris Quinn. God, I get wet every time I even think of that boy.”

Chapter 31: Revelations and Spy Lessons

GABY : BOOK 2 Summer Girl*Part 72 Where's Drew?

Maddy, to be fair, didn't make a huge fuss. Well she'd won hadn't she?

"Hmm, I think you need to be thoroughly Gaby, Drew"

"I suppose so, and you just happen to still have everything?"

"In my wardrobe" she smiled apologetically.

"Alright then" I sighed

Over the next half an hour I was transformed once more into 'Gaby Peters'. I drew the line at sticking the breast forms on, I've been caught that way before but I was soon wearing the gaff, bra and a gauzy top above one of Mad's skirts.

"You can't go out like that" Mad stated, "your legs look terrible"

"Well sorree for living!"

"I didn't mean it like that Drew. It's your bruises"

"What about them?"

Something Feels Strange - 30

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

“Her name is Tina Jeffers. All I know about her is that she’s Mercer’s niece from Alaska and is here for the summer. Oh yeah, and she likes to run. She’s running most evenings with the local high school cross country team.”

“Okay, okay—I’ll play it cool, but if she so much as looks sideways I want you to find a way to get rid of her.”

This last comment was followed by his slamming the phone back on its cradle and some expletives attached to comments about meddling women and his perception of their role in life.


Chapter 30: Strengthening Ties

Something Feels Strange - 29

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

A minute or so after I ring the bell the door opens to reveal Dr. Lang—and he doesn’t look very happy once he figures out who I am.

“You’re that girl from the office,” he observes. “One of Susan Harrison’s lackeys. What are you doing here?”

It’s not quite the reception I was expecting—so much for being subtle. I must look pretty stupid standing here with a shocked expression on my face. I mean, what’s a girl supposed to say?


Chapter 29: Fireworks

Something Feels Strange - 28

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

“You know,” Dan says to me quietly to avoid being overheard. “Ben is, despite his crudity, actually correct. You are very good looking and, to top it off, easy to be around. You’re really making this summer something special for all of us. I’m glad you came. Are you sure you can’t stay?”

“Thanks for the compliment,” I quietly reply, “but, no, I can’t stay. Anyway, I haven’t really done anything to earn the praise.”

“Sure you have,” he responds. “You are like a cool breeze on a hot day. Just being here makes everything better. Too bad you’re not staying. I think that we’d make great friends, you and me.”

Oh no! Where’s the fire extinguisher? Somebody has to put out this guy’s fire—fast!


Chapter 28: Pool Party & The City

Something Feels Strange - 27

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

“So,” Laurie says as we bike back to her house in the dark, “you’re actually going on a date.”

“This is not a ‘date’ date,” I try to explain. “Just a couple of friends getting together to work on a project then hanging out at the fireworks with my favorite cousin.”

“Whatever,” she says with a knowing smile as if she’s not really buying the argument.

Chapter 27: Making Connections