Teenage or High School

Something Feels Strange - 26

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

“You did it again,” Laurie sighs as we ride home together.

“Did what?” I ask. I haven’t a clue what she is talking about.

“Put another boy under your spell,” she replies.

Chapter 26: Planting Seeds

Something Feels Strange - 25

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

I’d like to think I can trust my Dad. He’s always had high integrity and he’s always been there for me. I’ve got to trust somebody.

Picking up my cell phone, I text Dr. Quinn: “Going 4 very short jog @ 7a. Want 2 come? - Kris”

The reply comes back within minutes: “C U @ ur tree - Dr Q”

Chapter 25: Who are the Good Guys?

My Despair-8

My Despair-8

By Stanman63
Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for editing!

Synopsis:After hearing about the evidence and the fal of the Mayor and his crony, Her attacker hurt another girl which prompts a showdown.



From My Despair-7

I felt empty and alone. I'd given my word to Daddy and I do not go back on my word. But what am I to do now? For the rest of day, I simply lay in bed, waiting for something to happen that'd restore my Hope. What I wasn't expecting was for the mayor's secretary to come to my rescue.

Something Feels Strange - 24

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

My eyes are drooping and I have a contented feeling.  To my surprise, I’ve enjoyed the evening and feel a closeness to these girls that is better than anything that I have ever felt with my male comrades. Don’t get me wrong, I have felt strong bonds of brotherhood with my friends in the past.  But when was the last time we gave each other hugs and words of friendship and encouragement before closing out the evening?

Chapter 24: The Sommers & The Langs

Something Feels Strange - 23

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

Laying in the dark waiting for sleep to claim me, I review the day and feel pretty pleased with life in general. I’m feeling more comfortable as a girl and am making progress with my assignment. I’ll just be glad to get past this period. Tomorrow I can begin looking for mislaid secrets. I wonder how long it will take to find something useful. I think back to my father’s—that is, Dr. Quinn’s—statement on the way to the airport; “you will probably never know if you helped or not.

I certainly hope that he’s wrong! I’m looking forward to some excitement.

Chapter 23: The Slumber Party

Something Feels Strange - 22

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

Laurie is pretty impressed with how easy it was to make friends with Caitlin. My first move is ahead of schedule. We still need to find a way to connect with Andy Lang, the quiet loner that Mrs. Harrison wants us to befriend. We think that task will be much more difficult.

But first, we have to find him.

Chapter 22: The First Day on the Job

Something Feels Strange - 21

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

With mixed feelings, I say, “I don’t know how this will all end, but yes, I will do my best to put away Boy Chris and become Girl Tina. This means that I must stop thinking of you as my girlfriend, Laurie. That’s the hardest part of all and will take sometime to implement. We’ll have to make some modifications to our ground rules for this to happen. You will have to treat me just like any other girl and I will need to behave like one. I just hope that we can make the transition back to what we had when this is over at the end of the summer but I’ll try not to worry about that until the time comes.”

Laurie and I embrace each other with tears that could either be happiness for our new relationship or sorrow for the one we are giving up. They could be mix of both. It is hard to say.

Chapter 21: Welcome to California

Something Feels Strange - 20

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” I confide, “I’m so afraid that, if I let myself go, I’ll like it too much to go back.”

“Well, girl, it seems to me that you’ll have to go back to being Chris. After all, how would you explain Chris’s disappearance? I would miss him terribly. Just think, if you didn’t switch back then we’d both need to find new boyfriends; and let me tell you, girl, guys like Chris are rare and very hard to find. Anyway, letting yourself go may make the transition back to being Chris harder, but not unbearable, and I think that it will make your summer much more fun. Think about it, girl friend.”

I do think about it—a lot—before I finally get to sleep.

Chapter 20: Race Day

Something Feels Strange - 19

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

Before going to bed, I log into my email account and what do I find? Another email from Joey! Laurie gives me an I-told-you-so look when I tell her.  He sent the email late in the day and attached another of the pictures taken yesterday. He asks how my day went and if I've found out anything about the race on Saturday.

Ugh!  What do I do? I decide to ignore it for the time being. I feel bad to ignoring someone who is trying to be friendly, but Laurie has me concerned that Joey is looking for more than just a friend. Maybe if I send him a thank you email late tomorrow he'll take the hint that I'm not interested in establishing a romantic relationship. Why can't we just be buddies?

Chapter 19: A Night Out

GABY : BOOK 2 Summer Girl*Part 71 Is That You Gaby?

"So what are you two up to today?" Aunt Carol asked

"Not really sure?" Mad answered

"I've got to go out in a while, just into the village so I shan't be long, you two going to be okay? Drew?"

"I guess"

"I'll have my mobile if you need me"

"Okay Mum" Mad confirmed, "can we go online please?"

"Yes but don't spend all day on there" Mrs P agreed

"Come on Gab" Mad was in control, I am but a puppet!

I wanted to send a mail to Britney so it wasn't such a hardship. No the
hardship was the wince inducing pain of having anything touch me,
particularly on my arms and legs.

We surfed for a while before Maddy handed the controls over to me while she went to organise some drinks.