Preteen or Intermediate

The Incognito Parallel -1&2-

Sometimes, there's more than one way to tell a story. This one is about Drew Kelley, who's a lot like Kelly Drew but different. I'll let him tell his own story.

The Incognito Parallel

by Wanda Cunningham

All It Would Take -1- One Change

willy milly

All It Would Take

Part One ~ One Change

By Ariel Montine

Will Wally find in his mother Milly's old bedroom the key to a life-changing experience?


Lost Parents

Lost Parents, Will the lost parents of a six year old child named
Renée VanPuten please come to the security office at the main gate.

The message was repeated every ten minuets for the next hour, if it
had been in Dutch or German, or if they had only pronounced the name
correctly (the vowels sound different), perhaps there would have been a
chance. But no, after that hour it was off to The Virginia Department
of Social Services.

I can look back on it now, I grew up quite a bit in the last four
years. Before I forget much more, I will write here my life, before,
then, now, and to come.

Star Bright

Everybody knows, wishes only come true under starlight...

Star Bright

by Wanda Cunningham

My Report, How I Spent my Summer

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

My first day at Park Side Elementary School, my teacher, Ms Midler
has given us our homework assignment for the weekend, an essay or short
story, truth or fiction, on what we did this summer.

I don’t think she will believe this one but she did say it could be truth or fiction.

Elizabeth Consuelo Delgado Gutierrez
Fifth Grade English 8 September 2008
How I Spent my Summer

My summer really started in January of this year with the
announcement of the limited extension of the Hannah Montana / Miley
Cyrus tour. In honor of the troops and their families, Miley and her
father Billy Ray would be appearing at military installations world
wide, well not in the war zones. Yet before this there is some
background needed.

New Ears Day

Some understandings are deeper than others. 

New Ears Day

By Wanda Cunningham