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Kelly Girl -15a- Andie's Valentine

You never forget your first...

by Wanda Cunningham

Andie's Valentine

Jacks or Better

It all started in the fifth grade...

Jacks or Better

by Donna Lamb

The Magic Swing Set

What would happen if you swung all the way over a swing set? Would
the world change? Would you? In this story, two friends experience what
happens when you take a trip over the Magic Swing Set.

Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure - Chapter V

Still in the dress he wound up wearing while playing 'Mommy and Baby'
with Cori, Bobby runs through a poorly lit hospital parking lot to see
his mother, who's just been in a car accident. But running though dark
parking lots, even at best of times, is never a very good idea.

Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure - Chapter IV

In chapter four, Bobby has fun playing 'Mommy and Baby' with Cori until Terri bursts into Cori's room with some shocking news.

Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure

Copyright 2005-2007 by Heather Rose Brown


Splish Splash!

Have you ever had a bad day at school? Did the class bully push you around? How do you deal with it? A bubble bath of course!

Splish Splash!

Disclaimer: This is fiction so please treat it as such. Mr. Bubbles is a trademark that is used without permission but no slander is intended. Many thanks to Holly Logan and Sephrena Miller for their help in making this readable!

Paul struggled though the kitchen back door half dragging his book bag. Cursing his small size, he half threw-half lifted his bag onto the table. Wincing at the bang, he hoped his Mom hadn't heard. If he was lucky he could change in the laundry room and keep his current sorry state of affairs to himself. That hope was dashed as she cleared her throat behind him.

Home Alone 5


Susan Brown

I hope you liked part 4 and you like part 5 even more.

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I pushed the doors open and hesitantly walked into the shop.

It wasn't a very large shop. But on all sides of me I could see racks of school
uniforms, in all colours of the rainbow.

On the right were all boys clothes and on the left the girls section.

I walked to the rear of the shop, where there was a long counter and two ladies
standing and looking at me coming towards them.

They both smiled. That was a good sign, wasn't it?

Gender Express

Peer pressure can be tough ... really tough. So what do you do when all
your friends are changing genders? Go to Gender Express, of course. ;)

Home Alone 3

I had a funny dream. I seemed to be in the car and there was a funny smell. I looked down at myself and I saw that I was wearing boys clothes! That wasn't right I was a girl and anyway the clothes smelt horrible. I took the smelly boys clothes off. As I did so I noticed that Mum and Dad were asleep in the front of the car. We must have pulled over for a break or something. Anyway, I needed to go to the toilet before I wet myself. It wasn’t raining, so I got out of the car.

Home Alone 2

I couldn’t believe it...

It was me, but me as I had never seen myself before.

I was so very young, but even I could tell, looking at the girl in the
mirror with the wide eyes and a silly grin on her face, that I was actually
looking at what my sister would look like. The sister I never had. But, believe
it or not, it was ME!!