Preteen or Intermediate

Zenda the Magician

Zenda the Magician

By Richard Sinep

©February, 2007

It’s that long waited time of year once again, the annual funfest. Just before school lets out for the summer, the school puts on the Fun Festival. Since this is elementary school, we have finished up with all the schoolwork and final tests, now we just have those boring last few days. Those days that marks our school year as official, 200 days of school. Soon, we’ll have 90 days off!

Ladybug, Ladybug

Andy was used to being picked on because of his small size, and he had little hope things would be different in his new school. Then he met a boy everyone called Moose, and one magical Christmas they learned that wishes really can come true.

Kelly Girl -9- Do Lambchops Wear Panties, Too?

"Go on, Kelly," Andie said. "Just don't let them kiss you."

Do Lambchops Wear Panties, Too?

Raised in SLC - chapter 4

Matilda’s second day out, not as terrifying as her first but definitely filled with challenges.

What will the other girls think of this “Want to Be Girl,” if they find out whom she really is.

Kayla's Affair Part 3: Pool Party

Kayla’s Affair

Part 3: Pool Party

By Rachel Anne Keller

 Chapter 1: Amanda

My god what am I doing?  Here I am getting more and more involved with Kayla, and he’s a boy, a dirty deceitful brut just like the ones that hurt me.

Raised in SLC - chapter 3

Time to become a Beauty Queen; or

I didn't know that shopping could be so terrifying.

Raised in SLC - chapter 2

Will Matt be allowed to discover and accept his inner self?

Or will he be stuck being someone he doesn't want to be?

How much does love and understanding by

someone else affect the outcome?

Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure: Chapter III

Dinner conversation turns into an asparagus eating contest between Bobby and Cori. But why is Cori grinning like that, and what game will she want to play if she wins?

Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure: Chapter II

Bobby is upstairs soaking in a nice warm bubblebath upstairs; his muddy clothes are in the washer downstairs. What will he wear when he's done his bath? Aunt Joan provides a solution, while Corina and her sister help Bobby get ready for dinner.