Preteen or Intermediate

Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure: Chapter I

Trying to find his new home in the pouring rain, Bobby winds up falling
into a mud puddle and is soaked from head to toe. A neighbor girl
offers to takes Bobby home, where his rainy day adventure begins.

Audra: A New Life Redux.

Audra: A New Life Redux.
Joanne Foxcourt

Author’s Note:

Shortly after the first version of this story was posted to the Internet, I received some incredibly good advice about what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong. I’m extremely grateful for that strong and detailed critique --- enough that I felt it completely necessary to revisit this story and try to make it better. Equally as important, I felt that too much was left dangling after the first attempt was done. Re-reading it, I found myself feeling dissatisfied in the way it ended. Thus, Audra: A New Life Redux.

Scenes From a Kid's Life Group 1: Peppermint, Garlic, Soup

Some ordinary events in the life of an unordinary child.

As they looked through the basket of teddy bears Ally and Rocky were laughing so hard that every face turned toward them and - joy being contagious - every face had a smile.

Kimberly's Summer Vacation

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Raised in SLC - chapter 1

The beginning was a beautiful time, filled with mystery and discovery.
If we are lucky, someone will discover that we are struggling who
will lovingly help and guide us as we grow.

Kelly Girl -8- Pygmalion Promises

"Does everyone think I ought to be a girl?" wondered Kelly.

Kelly Girl

by Wanda Cunningham