My name is UGLY - Chapter 3

"My name is UGLY" by Polyrobotics1

Chapter 3

"Oops time up," from Natsume.

As I begin to move in for the kill, everything and everyone disappears. Landing on a dark, floor?

*Hello Teratic.*

I get up from my startle state. "Hello?" Scanning with all senses, wishing for my favorite weapon. When it suddenly appears in my hand. Quietly, "I don't have that capability, so we must be inside my own mind." Calmly forming a chair while making the motion of sitting.

My name is UGLY - Chapter 2

"My name is UGLY" by POLYROBOTICS1

Chapter 2

"Natsume who is that?"

"This is Teratic. Found near the crime scene, Sir."

"How near?"

"Close enough to be disturbed by our arrival, last night."

My name is UGLY

"My name is UGLY" by Polyrobotics1

"Drop from hyperspace. Prepare the sub-light drives to manual."

"Manual is not allowed, by the current treaties. Captain what are you doing?"

"Bypass is nearly complete. Removing flight box. Seeing if an empty photon torpedo case can be found."

"I will have to report you to the proper authorities when we get to the star base."

"Report away, if your still functional."


"Oh sorry, but the only way to land on the primitive world in this sector is to become a meteor like object. I will survive. Finally got it out. If you will excuse me, this has to be installed before those that are tracking us arrives."

"I am back. Targeting jump gate. Prepare the solar sails. All anti-matter and nuclear weapons target to the stern. Range 5000. Fire when ready."

"Travel time calculated at six hours plus."

"Thank you."

"Captain what makes this mission special."

"The package in question must not fall into enemy hands, that is all my orders are. So we make the sacrifice for going home. Prepare crash pod for use."

"I will need new scans."



"Yes, sir."

"It was good working with you."

"You too sir. Good night and good bye."

"Good bye."

"Initaiting automatic self destruct system."

* * *

Error in regeneration process. New genetic material needed.

* * *

New genetic material acquired. Replacing damage code.

* * *

Brain has reached development necessary for storage. copying mental pathways.

* * *

Copy complete. Begin verification.

* * *

Verification complete. Turning off regeneration chamber now.

* * *

Regeneration chamber off. Initiating capsule opening.

* * *

Darkness, no night. Single satellite. Stars. Forest. Clothing, yes. I seem to be small. Why? Oh! Oh well, lucky to be alive. Wrist unit. Lock location. Shades. Cap. Coat. Gloves. Knife. Hood out and up. Backpack. Rations, yuck, wish I had bought the best tasting variety instead. Seal.

Lights, that way. Moving out.

Check for standard communication frequencies.


Oh yes, lesser frequencies.

"...Of Sisters newest hit. Now from the classic sounds of Jen..."

This will do. I just wish I understood the words, but good music is good music.

Tired, good night.

Star out. Bright. More bad rations.

Oh well, check position, get moving.

I hate field rations, have I mentioned how bad they are?

Starting to understand a few words on communications.

A city.

Just great a distance that I don't like.

Looks like two days travel time.

Cliff. No fun. Rations again, I'm going to be sick. Going down freestyle.

Got to do a suicide.

Catch. Catch. Catch! CATCH! Cought. Slow the body down.

Move, the star is heading for the horizon.

No time for subtle.

Move it. Come on got to move it. Star nearly gone. Have to get to the bottom safely. Bottom. Star gone. Rations, evil. Sleep. Good night.

Star in sky. Rations must have been the design of the devil. No one else would create such a demonic eadibles.

Nearly master the language from the radio frequencies.

This is ridiculous. At least this terrain is relatively flat. Excellent travel time. Bad area. No way out at least something to be thankful for. Set sensors to wake me if any one else enters here. Rations, scourge of taste. Sleep.

Awaken once more due to the local star shining. Rations how desperate I must be to eat these. Slowly moving into a nicer neighborhood.



"Hey, kid, didn't you hear me?"

Time has caught up to me. Looks to be some sort of official vehicle.

"Kid, stop."

"Thanks, now what are you doing out here?"


"Can you take off your shades?"

"I could but I rather not."

"You trying to be smart?"

"Not yet."

"Your name?"



"Close enough."

"I'm Roger."

"Roger, Roger."

"I wish that line did not appear."

I look at Roger quizzically.

"Do you not understand the reference?"


"So Teratic, we need to get you home."

"Have none."

"What do you mean, have none?"

"I don't have a home, I just travel from place to place."

"What about your parents?"


"Your family must be worried, Teratic."

"Not at all. I have no family."

"Why not?"


"You seem to be coherent enough."

"Roger, cognition of the condition does not guarantee that the condition is not real. So I gave myself the name you asked for."

"Well lets get you down to the station. There we can find out about your family."


"Through you finger prints."

"Finger prints?" Looking at my gloved fingers.

"Yes. Now shall you get in, so we can find your family."


Roger opens the car door. He's much bigger than me. I slide in and close the door. My arm closer to Roger suddenly gets handcuffs put on. My far arm reflexively slides my knife out. Swinging the blade, cutting through the metal of the cuffs. The return goes through most of Roger's chest. I bring the blade back, driving it into his head, then down to the crotch area. I leave the vehicle and him to his trouble.

A short distance away from the car. I carefully finish removing the cuff. Put the knife away. Look at the remains of the cuff before stuffing it in a coat pocket. I move rapidly away. A very short distance later I walk around the corner and hide.

I wait a bit for the local authorities. They seem to have the same lackadaisical attitude, that neighborhoods like this tend to bring out. Most of the time is spent in trying to learn who Roger was. Seems he was using an alias.

I wait it out tonight. Looks like I have to once again survive on the poison of the devil, ration packs. The great demon must have had a hernia when this stuff hit the market from the laughter.

My sleep is undisturbed.

Must be poison. Has to be poison. I mean, medicine does not taste this bad.

Activate the cleaning mode in my gear.

During my walk, I toss the last of the cuffs down a drain.

Oops, local authorities ahead. Spotted me. Let's see how this situation pans out.

This one bends at the knees to get eye level. "Hello dear."


"Can you tell me why you're not at school?"

"I just arrive in this city."

"I'm Natsume, what's yours?"




"Can you say it once more?"



"Acceptable. I doubt anyone can get it with ease. So what is happening, Natsume?"

"We are investigating a murder. I have to ask if you know anything about it."

"Not much, just that your friends were very noisy last night before I went to sleep."

"Anything else?"

"Nope, unless you consider this stuff criminal?" I hold out a ration pack.

She opens it to the following words, "What died?" Gagging.

"Don't know, don't care. They all the food I currently have."

"Not anymore."

"Marcus, I'm taking Teratic to the station."

"Go right on ahead. You look green. Are you sick?"

"Not until I had a wiff of this," holding out the ration pack she was given.

He takes the pack and opens it, before promptly closing it. Moving rapidly to the rear of his vehicle grabbing an evidence bag. Shoves the rations into it. Grasps a sticker and puts it on the bag.

"Mark I quite agree, it is a biohazard. Teratic do you carry anymore?"

Whispering and cowering, "yes."

"What was that?" Mark asks.

"Yes." a little louder.

"Put them in this please," Natsume asks as she pulls out a large bag.

I dump out of the main section of my backpack the rest of the rations. Natsume gives them over to her partner.

"Now lets get you to the station."

"Alright Natsume. I am sorry."

"Don't worry about it Teratic. Now please come along."


Natsume opens the passenger car door. I get into the seat. Buckle up and lose consious just after the door closes. This single thought through my mind "Safe."

My door open, belt remove. "I have you," in my ear from Natsume. Slip back into darkness.

Home For Christmas

Kate looked at her husband, the strong but gentle man she loved so dearly, and found a new depth of feeling for him.. She hugged him close as if he were a child. “It's all right,” she said. “It's fine. Why don't we take the monkey home. And if you want to be Sally for a little while, that's fine too.”

“It's not that,” said Brad. “I just wish we both could have had Christmas without pain. I just wish we could have some good memories about Christmas as kids.”

Wonder Twins -0- Powers Activate!


Wonder Twins in

Episode 1 ~ Powers Activate!

By Sasha Nexus

How did the Wonder Twins come to Earth and become Superfriends-in-training?

Alternate Reality: The Bear Market

Now Sarge pulled a wig over his head and adjusted it. As he stood, he realized that male pronouns were no longer appropriate. She had shed her male persona and become Nora Spencer.

Nora smiled at the feminine reflection she observed in the mirror. She walked over to a pair of 3-inch slingback pumps and stepped into them. She walked back and forth a few times, enjoying the distinctive click of her heels on the hardwood floor. She smiled, grabbed her purse, and walked to the rear staircase leading to the alley in back of the store. She paused to lock the door, made her way down the steps, looked either way, and strode off to the sidewalk. Her destination was a gay bar a few blocks away, a place that welcomed crossdressers and their admirers.

As she walked, she did not notice the man standing in the shadows. He wore a cloak made of raven feathers and carried a large Blackthorn staff. A kitten perched on his right shoulder. “Mew,” said the kitten.

“You were right, Maggie,” the man with the raven cloak said. “She's hiding something. She needs help, and I don't think she will find it where she's going.”

The Fairy Queen's Ring: Another Halloween Fairy Tale.

Disclaimer: This story is
fiction. Any resemblance between actual people or events are
accidental and unintentional. TG themes are presented within and if
that would offend you please pass this story by. As always I am
thankful for Janet Nolan and Holly Logan for their patience for
dealing with my poor grammar and their efforts in making this fantasy

The Fairy Queen's Ring:
Another Halloween Fairy Tale



Home means a lot of things to different people. To me, it's a place
where you find unconditional love and acceptance. There are a number of
places I've found that felt like home. This story is about a slightly
different kind of place one might call home where I get to meet a
slightly different version of a very special person many of you might
have heard of.

Urban Renewal - Parts 24-29

Urban Renewal

- 24-29 -

by Erin Halfelven
Art by Heather Rose Brown