Urban Renewal - Parts 18-23

Urban Renewal

- 18-23 -

by Erin Halfelven
Art by Heather Rose Brown


Urban Renewal - Parts 12-17

Urban Renewal

- 12-17 -

by Erin Halfelven
Art by Heather Rose Brown



This short started as a vignette ripped from one of my many
stalled stories (up to about 30, now) that I was reviewing
during an exceptionally rare period, when I actually had
several hours of contiguous down-time.

I was skimming through this one story and one scene begged
my imagination for an "update". The result is "Confluence".

The Wardrobe

This is the story of a middle-aged man who's been fighting the voices in his head telling him he's really a girl, and what he does when he hears a new yet strangely familiar voice. This story is loosely based on the Chronicals of Narnia. It's intended to stand alone, although I may add to it some time after I finish writing Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure.

Kelly Girl -8- Pygmalion Promises

"Does everyone think I ought to be a girl?" wondered Kelly.

Kelly Girl

by Wanda Cunningham

The Girl Who Touched the Stars

The Girl Who Touched the Stars
Valentina Michelle Smith

With characters from the neighborhood of Bob Arnold’s Cyber Café.

The day dawned warm and clear, without a hint of cloud or breeze.
The air was slightly cool with the promise of comfortable warmth in the
afternoon. The sun was arching upward in its trek across the sky. The
land was budding green, heralding an explosion of lush growth to come.
In short, it was a wonderful spring day, just perfect for flying a

Nora Spencer had anticipated this day all winter. She normally spent
weekends working at her store, The Bear Market. But this day was
special. She was taking two little girls out to the country to fly
their first rockets. Maggie and Becky were proud of their creations,
and rightly so. They had built under the expert tutelage of Nora and
Alice Merren, and were anxious to see their little craft soar into the
sky. Becky had built two rockets, and Maggie had built three. All were
painted and ready to lift off. Alice had also built some rockets while
showing the girls how to construct them properly. And Nora had a few of
her rockets of her own to fly.

Cosmic Charlie and the Apprentice Witch

Cosmic Charlie and the Apprentice Witch


Valentina Michelle Smith

In a four-story brownstone building just down the street from Bob
Arnold's Cyber Cafe, there lived a cat named Cosmic Charlie, who
understood the true nature of the universe. It existed to serve him.

Cosmic Charlie owned two humans, Doctors Nancy and Travis Dupree.
Travis was an internist and Nancy was a pediatrician. They kept the
building clean and kept Cosmic Charlie well fed, and in return Cosmic
Charlie allowed them to exist in his universe. This arrangement suited
Cosmic Charlie just fine.