Young Adult or College


By Roni

As I look out my kitchen window I see my two daughters playing in the back yard and it brought back memories of the times my sister and I would play. I remember the first time we played together; my sister is five years older than me so growing up she was always more of a caretaker to me than a sister. Because I was so much younger than her she would use me as a living doll and dress me up in her old clothes. Now this might not sound so unusual to what most sisters do except that I was a boy! Mom would look on and smile allowing her to dress me up; I didn’t mind either I liked wearing her clothes. As we got older the dress up play time got less and less but my desire to wear her clothes didn’t diminish. When I was fourteen she caught me in her room trying on her clothes; I had thought she was away at school but I misjudged the days and she was home for the summer. The look of fear on my face was evident but all she did was smile and then offer to help me out. I loved my sister; she was so open and understanding and never judged me for what I liked to do.

Getting Sorted -4-

Two things that are both better hot...
catfish restaurant
Getting Sorted


by Erin Halfelven


4. Sex and Catfish

Tears. A Home That Love Built Story, by Grover

Not every tear is one of sadness and despair. For each one cried in sorrow, the ones that fall in happiness are all that much more precious.

Silently, Irene passed a tissue to her crying friend. She’d had one of her ‘feelings’ that more than a few would be needed today and made certain her purse was well supplied.

Although Cathilynn often teased her about being ready for anything, Irene did her best to stay prepared. She guessed you could take the girl out the Army, but not take the Army out of girl. Simply too many years spent training to stay ready for anything. Even that was easier than trying to take the girl out the boy.

screen test

screen test

My Treasure

My Treasure

When you were first held
when they saw you there
the first time you smiled
what a joy to behold!
I wish I'd been there.