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Today we just had a new upgrade available to you our client.


Yes this is correct the new improve CPU.

Fully tested. Authorized by our trading partners. Does what we have always promised. So for the small fee we have to charge it is available.

It allows the system to see more of itself. We have design the architecture to operate on more systems.  It does more than before. It allows more than before. So for your small peice of mind we offer you this.

The CorPUs of your choice.

Thank you for your patronage.

Safe Haven

The box was the size of a footlocker, indeed it was a foot locker, the name on the side said Tech Sergeant Emanuel Perez. An envelope was caught in the seam, I pulled it out and read.

I'm sorry, I did not know where to go, but the safe haven law said that I
could drop her off at a hospital, police station or fire house. Nothing
was said about animal shelters.

More Well Wishes


More Well Wishes

by Sasha Zarya Nexus

"I grant a second unsolicited wish that another makes for you."

Silver Blood-Epilogue

As we lifted away from the now burning city, I heard a voice emit from a solitary figure in the back, "Well done, but there are questions to be answered."

We looked at Mister Mysterious and knew that things were not yet under control. He always wore a black suit with a black shirt, tie socks, shoes and belt. His dark skin bespoke of his African heritage, he only thing of any color was his teeth and eyes.

"And who wants to ask the questions? You?" He knew that we were conditioned to never reveal our secrets, so even if he tortured us, he would get nothing for his efforts.

Well Wishes

Well Wishes

by Sasha Zarya Nexus

"I grant an unsolicited wish that another makes for you."

The Heart Of The Tree

The Heart Of The Tree

By Stanman63

Synopsis:When a woodsman accidentally harms a Wood Nymph's tree, he helps both the tree and Wood Nymph and in so doing, heals the tree.




Once upon a time, a Grandfather led his grandchild up to an old tree. This tree had no leaves and was gnarled with many a broken limb, but the Grandfather went up and lovingly tended to the tree.



"Why are you doing what you are doing?"

"I am tending to the tree."

Good night Grace

 Disclaimer: This is fiction. All the characters and events portrayed here are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely accidental and unintentional  As always my thanks goes out to Holly for helping proof and generally make this readable. Another big thanks goes to Paula who for some reason puts up me and my insane ranting about story ideas, Thanks Love! Any errors, or mistakes are mine alone so with that in mind, enjoy! 

Goodnight Grace



Evidence Search

Evidence Search, as related by Dreammaker

 (also published at Big Closet-Top Shelf)

What’s that Joe?

I said I hate this city.

San Fran’s not that bad. By the way, why are we up here?

Some of the victims identified the plastic surgeon.

Here’s Dr. Piper’s clinic.
Looks abandoned. We best look around.

This is the place. See the two one gallon bell jars Bill?
What’s in them Joe?

Souvenirs I guess, She would pick up drunks and give them vaginoplasties, then dump the victims down in L A.

Killer Heels

Killer Heels, as related by Dreammaker

April 1,1967, 7:30 PM, we received a call about a fatality
at the set of Pussycats Galore. A stunt man subbing for Ms Pettyjohn in the part of Charlie Watkins, who in turn, had disguised
himself as a gorgeous Pussycat working at the Pussycat Club, was found dead in
his dressing room.

April 1, 1967, 8:30 PM, as the show is broadcast we
interview director Sydney Miller, actor Ted Knight, and actress Angelique Pettyjohn, also the medical
examiner on scene for the Hollywood Police Department.


A drabble