Short-short < 500 words

All of You ... and Then Some

This a collection of glimpses into the lives of the young lovers from my drabble, All of You. I'm still experimenting with this new format. I've decided to follow Laika's suggestion and have (at least in my own mind) christened this writing style a drabble cycle, meaning a collection of related stories, each being exactly 100 words in length. I'd love to hear from anyone who has any thoughts on this experiment. Thank you :)

All of You

This drabble is a bit more mature than what I usually write, which
is why I set the audience rating to mature. It's more romantic than
sexual, but it does show adults being a bit ... ummm ... intimate.
Anyway, let me post this before the intro winds up being longer than
the drabble. ;)

The Back Seat

Two young lovers held each other sitting in a car just above point lookout. The windows were steamy and the kissing was passionate while Dire Straits wafted out of the stereo in a soft murmur accompanied by the chipping of crickets.
“Darling, there is something you need to know about me.”...







Easter is a day to celebrate rebirth and the start of new life - in more ways than one.

Fairy Tale

Fairy Tail

A prose poem.

Jodie Can't Dance

Jodie Can't Dance

by Erin Halfelven

A Present and a Wish

Gene receives and unexpected gift.


What happens when everyone is against your change.