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Traveling North


Traveling North

Thirty years have passed yet in my mind it is always you, with Jimmy still a tiny baby in your arms that I still see.

Q Day

Imagine what it would be like if
anything you wished for instantly came true.
Now just imagine that over six billion other
people were all able to do the same.
That's what happened that crazy
morning on what they're

Laika Pupkino ~ 2011

I woke up. It was January 1st, a little after six in the morning. Whoop de doo, a new year…

SRU: Kobayashi Maru


James T. Kirk, a promising young Starfleet cadet, wanders into a shop called Spells R Us with unexpected-

Well no. Come to think of it the results are just about what you would expect.


The Virus

The Virus

©2011 – Foxxe Wilder

(Inspired from the short story by mittfh)

A computer virus can often carry many life jolting results, some more harsh than others. Not all antivirus software can effectively deal with this coding and it is impossible to remove once activated.





The Rebirth of the Phoenix (SRU)


Phoenix London was a woman abuser and needed to be taught a lesson, a lesson he'd never forget.

(Author’s note: This story was previously released on BigCloset but has been re-released here in total with a few very minor changes)

  The Rebirth of the Phoenix

©2010 – Foxxe Wilder


Santa School

Santa School

Jacob Burrows answered the ad for a mall Santa, and was surprised to discover that one had to actually attend a class before you were allowed to put on the red suit and beard. In fact, he was sent to a day long “Santa School”.

At the class, Jacob spent the day learning how best to act “jolly”, even when things were not going well. Things like when a kid pulls on your beard or pees on your pants.

There was also a discussion on what to do if a kid asks for something other than a present, and this led to some of the “Santas” to stand up and share stories.

They told of kids asking that a sibling wasn’t sick, or that a parent could find a job, of wishing mommy and daddy would stop fighting, or that there would be enough food on the table for Christmas dinner.



May the gods and goddesses of our people bless the readers, especially those I love.

My name was Abraxes, and I was a slave. Despite this, the gods blessed me beyond all measure, and I will die as a member of the nobility. For my children, and their children, I wish to record what happened, so they may know how that happened, and thank the gods and goddesses who brought such joy into my life. The account I must relate is strange, stranger than any other I have heard of, but I swear by all our gods and goddesses that it is the truth.

I must first recount how I became a slave. My father had become indebted to a moneylender named Adiano. Our whole family was threatened with slavery. Desperate, my father took me and my twin sister Aleda to a rival of Adiano’s, a nobleman named Argyro.

Dress Fitting


Phil was bored and frustrated and trying hard not to show it.

His sister, Janet had asked him if he would mind giving her three friends a lift down to the dress shop for the final fitting of their bridesmaids' dresses and, lacking otherwise gainful employment, he'd agreed. It wasn't often that he had a chance to spend time with pretty girls, and these three were amongst the prettiest he'd met. The thing was, he tended to get hopelessly tongue tied around women and, having done his usual grunts and gurgles on first meeting them, they'd made their hellos and thank-yous for politeness' sake then fallen into chatting amongst themselves leaving Phil to his own thoughts.

A Safe Place

A Safe Place

Tina looked at herself in her wedding gown, and tried to hide her nervousness. She could hear the voices from her past, calling her the names she heard so often as a child.

A strange woman entered the room, and somehow, neither her bridesmaid nor her mother-in-law seemed to think that was odd. The woman came over to Tina, and said to her, “You are afraid”

Somehow, Tina could not lie to this stranger, and said “Terrified. What if I cant make him happy in bed? What if after all this, he decides he can’t sleep with a former man?”

“I think you need to remember how you met.”

She touched Tina on the forehead, and suddenly….

Then …

The Hem of His Garment

The Hem of His Garment

Based on  Math. 9:20-22, Mark 5:25-34, Luke 8:43-48

Twelve years. Twelve long, miserable years. And she was at the end of herself....

She could still vividly recall the first time she realized she was different.  She also remembered praying about it every day, trying everything she could think of to hide her “sin”.  She had feared the difficulty it would cause, and her father, who was a member of the Pharisee sect fulfilled her fears, and then some.  His reaction stung, even now.