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Pop my Cork

Bob's anger and disappointment built as he moved about the prop room cleaning and dusting the myriad items that had graced the stage over the past 30 years. A stage, it appeared, that would never be graced by his presence.

Once again his hopes had been dashed by an audition in which his scrawny undersized body was deemed too pathetic next to the lithe and buff competition. No matter that he could dance rings around them and sing like an angel – and that was another problem, his voice. No-one wanted a twenty-five year old singer who sounded like a member of the Vienna Boys Choir.

Even so, he thought he'd stood a chance at a part as an orphan in the revival of 'Oliver!' until the casting director said he looked too old. And now it looked like he would grow old in his job as prop manager for the State Theater.

Christmas Reunion


Christmas Reunion

By Stanman63
Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora-Adrienne For Editing!

Synopsis:Sasha Frances Morgan has found happiness at last. She has finally transitioned into Sasha Francis Morgan, and has had the surgery to make her complete.

But she has been estranged from her family due to her Papa Joe: patriarch of the family. He declared Sasha as an abomination when he learned of her choice, casting her out of the family.

Now, after years of being ostracized, her family finally calls her and shares news that ends her exile.

My Parent's Gift To Me

My Parent's Gift To Me

By Stanman63
Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing

Synopsis:When Robin finds the girl inside, it leads to a journey of discovery and acceptance as her parents seek to fulfill her desire for completion which ends in her joy when she finds herself complete.




I can't thank Momma enough for giving me the gift of womanhood, just as I can't thank Daddy enough for calling me Princess. You see, I was born a boy, NOT a girl, like my brother Brian.

I Don't Like Wednesdays

I'm pretty sure today must be a Wednesday. I say this because I've never really got on with Wednesdays.

Relationship break-up's? Always seem to happen on a Wednesday.

Evenings that my mother calls to tell me she's not getting any younger and she'd really like to see some grandkids? Wednesday evenings.

Mornings when I spill juice down my blouse when getting ready to go to work - yup, you guessed it - Wednesday mornings.

And right here, right now - the day that I encounter the lamest supervillain in existence? Yay me, Wednesday.

For information, I'm not the guy in the yellow chicken suit calling himself the 'Rooster of Doom'. That dude clearly has mental health issues that are going to need some serious professional help. Nope, I'm the tall chick in the patriotic red, white and blue who looks like a cross between a Spartan extra from the movie '300' and Geraldine Estelle Halliwell during her Spice Girls days. And I'm currently trying to stop the 'Rooster of Doom' (and yes, that's how he identified himself) from knocking over a logistics lorry for a well known supermarket chain. The first police officers on scene advised me that the 'Rooster' monologued that his intention was to raise his 'Poultry Posse of Power' from the free range eggs on board. I seriously kid you not. My life has been reduced to the 'and finally' section of the ITV News at Ten. It'll be between me and a duck from Melton Mowbray performing a 'McTwist' on a skateboard tonight. At this point, I'm really hoping they go with the duck or I'll never live this down in the 'cape and cowl' community.

SRU: My Spring Romance


SRU: My Spring Romance

By Stanman63
Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for editing!

Synopsis:When a young boy has an accident that changes his life forever. Now, growing up as a girl, he finds that his best friend is there for him as he transitions from boy to girl. Then at the Spring Dance, her best friend makes her life complete thanks to a bit of magic.



The Piano Lesson of Linda Piontak

The Piano Lesson
of Linda Piontak

by Andrea Lena DiMaggio


Linda discovers that even a tutor can
learn a thing or two; especially when
love is involved!

The Button

The Button



    I sit here at my kitchen table staring at it. There really wasn’t nothing much to look at. A bulky looking briefcase sized box with a screen displaying a very attractive woman with a very obvious touch screen button flashing off to the side.

    That’s all, just an over large tablet or odd shaped laptop. No identifying trademarks or even a seam. Hell the damn thing didn’t have a cord or battery either. It shouldn’t work at all.

A Life Changing Experience!

A Life Changing Experience!
by mittfh
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Night of the Rose

The Night of the Rose

Love is in the air as two singers perform in the grand stage of life;
a comic opera of lovely proportions made sweet
by the joyous passion between two star-crossed lovers!
Okay...just some nice girls who kiss at the end.

Veronica on the Cross

Veronica Nelson, a transsexual, was in her third month of her Real Life Test. She was struggling financially, cut off from her family, and someone was leaving disgusting surprises in her jeep. She hadn't expected transitioning to be free of difficulties, but this was the absolute pits. The weird hassles kept mounting until she felt like she was ready to snap! Until the night she had a chance encounter that would help put all her troubles in perspective...


by Laika Pupkino