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Maiden by Decree Chapter 18

Maiden by Decree Chapter 18

On The Loose


Just What Are You Trying to Tell Me Here?


Tyler Spence was an enigma, a blond, blue-eyed ruggedly handsome man the women loved but couldn't snare. Not that he was a player, just the opposite. Women found him a consummate and considerate sexual partner but never a lover. The perfect gentleman he never made promises he didn't keep and never bragged about his liasons. The women talked about him though and his apparent disinterest in a long-term relationship didn't stop them from trying. Each was sure that she would be the one to turn his head AND his heart.
A marine biologist by trade, he also loved his work. At the moment it involved the eating habits of the great white. He often went down in a cage or more often diving to observe a shark while feeding and the foundation made extra income from the vivid film he shot. His appearances on those 'Wild Kingdom' type shows brought him a new legion of fans.

Maiden by Decree Chapter 17

Maiden by Decree

Chapter 17


Or: I Really Need to Find a Better Class of Kidnappers

“Tell me how this happened.” Garret surveyed the splattered gore, and disheveled bed then turned to Chalmnessa’s Guard Captain with a look that would have cracked granite. “How did anyone, let alone more than one person, get in here to do this without being spotted before they reached this point or when they were leaving?”

That worthy, Sestelphas, frowned and returned Garrets gaze steadily with one that was just as hard, and furious. “They walked in through one of the posterns during the night. One of the gate keepers, Sham, was involved. We found his body outside the gate hidden under a tarpaulin being used to protect some lumber. His wife and daughter were found a short while ago, also dead, and this was in Sham’s home.”

Maiden by Decree Chapter 16

Maiden By Decree
Chapter 16


Or: You Guys Are in SOOO Much Trouble!


Maggie Finson

“They have safely arrived in Serai.” Roric told his co-conspirators with the displeasure he felt about that clear in his posture and voice. “Your pirates, Lord Jentis, failed miserably.”

Jentis, a representative, though covert, from Cardasia and the only one in the room who wasn’t afraid of the man, glowered at Roric. “You neglected to warn us about the cannon, My Lord, and my government is NOT pleased about that . The ferocity that crew defended both their ship and the lady with was also unexpected.”

10 Types of People

There are 10 types of people. Male and Female.
                                                                                        By Fyre Mei

  • A short revenge based sci-fi stand-alone story for ADULTS only.

Hawking's Revenge

Hawking's Revenge
by Fyre Mei

- A Stand alone sci-fi short story for ADULTS only.

A note from the author:
Thought I would try my hand at writing, this one is just for fun.

Following is a short stand-alone story  based on a  real-life experience I had a while back. Minus the magic, and the TG, and the characters are all different, and ... well OK I made it all up. Anyhow, I hope you like it, I may write more... who knows?

This is a slightly updated version of what has been posted at big closest. There will be no sequel from me, although anyone is welcome to take over the plot and characters if they wish.

Barb: Another Look at Love



Another Look at Love

by Liobhan

Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis.
  ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Barbara Stephens looked around her flat with great satisfaction. The centrepiece on her Danish modern dining table was perfect, pale yellow and peach jonquils and white narcissi with baby’s breath and just a few scattered variegated oriental lilies — she’d been instantly taken with the lilies, which had a luscious burst of speckled fushia exploding from their centres, fading to pink, and then finally to white at their fringes, when she was at her florist’s stall this morning, but he’d had only a dozen stems in stock, and no hope of more in time for Stephanie’s shower, but he’d convinced her that too many would cloy, and correctly predicted that she’d be very pleased with them used as accents rather than as a theme — created just the right note of colour in the restrained elegance of her formal dining room. Similar, but smaller arrangements adorned the lamp tables by the low settees in the spacious lounge and the sideboard in the entry. She tried to remember whether she’d told the doorman to expect guests, but then realised that she’d talked to him just this afternoon. The door chime sounded and it startled her for a moment, since it was too early for her guests to arrive, but then she thought it must be Dorcas, who’d been helping her with the planning of the big event, the last shower before the wedding proper. She hurried to the door and opened it to reveal a tall and slender woman with tawny hair and hazel eyes whose grace exemplified her name. She was obviously prepared to work, in natural linen trousers and a green jumper, but had a garment bag over her arm and an overnight case in her hand, which evidently contained her party outfit and toiletries respectively.

Altered Fates- The Missing Episode of The Fugitive

Richard Kimble immediately saw he had made a mistake. The street was a dead end, or rather a cul-de-sac with homes on all sides. He knew he was finished. Then he heard a voice.

"In here, quick!" said a woman from a nearby doorway. With little other choice, Kimble ran into the house. The two police officers ran by the dead end street.

Kimble stood in the foyer of the house catching his breath. Then he looked up and saw a familiar face.

"Hello, Richard," said Claire Mathews. "It's been a long time."

Altered Fates- The Missing Episode of The Fugitive
By Danielle J


Seasoning, a dash from Dreammaker
They had been free spirits in the late 60s and early 70s. They met at Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs after a Three Dog night concert, and had recognized in each other the lost part of their own soul. That night they drove out Highway 29 to Lake Desolation Road and headed uphill. On the moonlight shore of the lake, the cooling air misting with tomorrow’s fog, they pledged to each other and jumped over the broom that he had in the back of their truck.

He had come East out of Gary Indiana. Looking for new opportunities to profit on the future misery of others, he came to the state that had born Woodstock and gave a new definition to being mellow. As the old peddlers had walked the paths of the Cumberland, Appalachians,

Maiden by Decree Chapter 13 & 14

Maiden by Decree

Chapter 13



Oh, no Frigging Way! I’m not going to Do It!

Oh, well, I suppose that pretty well tells you all what the character reactions to living through this chapter were. They’re currently on strike and close to being in open revolt here. Sigh.

Come to think of it, with all the problems our heroines, heroes, and villains are coping with I can’t really blame them.

Now Deirdre, put the mace down, it’s okay.

Garret, do something with her!