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Chicago Convergence By Tenwaters

Disclaimer The following story is a fan fiction it is just for fun... This is a multiple crossover. Characters you recognize from other TV shows, books and films will belong to their respective creators. Any you don’t recognize are figments of my own warped imagination, and bear no resemblance to any person, living or dead. There is one exception, a brief reference to the TV show bah bah black sheep, a show that was loosely based on a historic person.

I apologize to the authors, producers, publishers and owners of Another Fine Myth, Bolo(Book Series), Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Catch 22, Dark Angel, Dark Angel, Diagnosis Murder, Doctor Who, Due South, Early Edition, Forever knight, Friday the 13th: The Series, Hammers Slammers (Book Series), Highlander, Indiana Jones, Knight Rider, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Lord of the Rings, Love and Curses, MacGyver, Martial Law, Mech Warrior (Game), Men In Black, Murder she wrote, Nash Bridges, Night Stalker, Quantum Leap, Quincy, Relic Hunter, Seven Days, Sliders, Space Above and Beyond, Special Unit 2, Star Gate SG1.Star wars, Terminator, The Black Company (book Series), The Incredible Hulk, The Pretender, The Sentinel, The Wizard of Oz, Time Bandits. Time Tunnel, Transformers, Viper, Walker: Texas Range, X-Files. Whose products I am have enjoyed in the past and recommend to the reader and make no claims upon.

Archimedes' Loss: A Care Givers Company Adventure

Archimedes Loss

A Care Givers Company Adventure


E. E. Nalley

There was mutiny in the air.

A Fresh Start

We could all use a fresh start and for Paul, this is just what he needs.

Things don't go quite the way he expected however...

My sincere apologies for all of you who have read this with the ending all upside-down. I hope I have rectified the error - Nick B

A Sylph Protected / A Shootist Avenged

Escaped from Prince Fallan on Darson, Sascha finds himself struggling to understand and survive in the universe into which he has been thrust. It will take all of his skills, both those of a Sylph and those of a Shootist, to overcome the challenges in his path.

A Turnabout Party

A party. I go as a girl and my wife goes as a guy. A new me?

A special thanks to Hope for editing this story.

A Perfect Match?

A Perfect Match?
By JulieO

Can a young college grad, a 450-year-old pirate, a pair of magic jewels, multiple transformations, history, old movies, costumed role playing, and a trusted employee's greed mix together to create true romance?

The Female of the Species

They say that man is the most dangerous game, but 'they' have never faced ...

The Female of the Species
by Scott Ramsey

Take Me Out To The Old Ball Game

A broken PC. A love afair. A baseball injury. And, what I found out about myself.

Methinks thou dost protest too much.

Help my sisters' all girl group? I don't think so. There's no way that
I can look like a girl! Especially a pretty black girl like Nan.