Serial Chapter

Something Feels Strange - 50

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

If it weren’t for one nagging problem, I’d say it was a perfect afternoon.

The nagging problem?  It’s Andy. I’ve called at every opportunity and left a dozen messages but he’s not called me back. I’ve also sent several emails from my smart phone—he hasn’t responded to those either.

Where is that boy?

Chapter 50: Family, Work, and an Unhappy Boyfriend

Something Feels Strange - 49

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

The first indication something is wrong comes when I hear someone stumble over some shoes I left out just for that purpose.

“Laurie?” I enquire as, groggily, I try to sit up.

“Not quite,” a gruff male voice responds quietly, as I become aware of an aromatic cloth clapped over my mouth and nose. I begin to struggle and bite but I’m pinned to my bed and my world quickly turns black.

My last thought before passing out is: Where’s the FBI——?

Chapter 49: Happenings

Something Feels Strange - 48

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

It also occurs to me that I’ll no longer be able to monitor Dr. Lang’s computer activities as he’ll be removing his computer from the house. I’m sure FBI geeks can hack the hotel’s system and keep the censor program active.  This investigation is truly out of my hands now.

I manage to resist the urge to read Mrs. Lang’s email—after all, I did promise to be a good girl——

Chapter 48: Waiting

Something Feels Strange - 47

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

The tears have dried up by the time we reach the clinic. They are replaced with a resolve to do all I can to bring these guys to justice.

I want to kick some butt.

Chapter 47: Stuck at Home

GABY: BOOK 2 Summer Girl*Part 73 Race Ready

"What are you three up to?"

"Nothing!" Bernie told me

"Hmm" I didn't believe them

"Are you finished polishing that thing yet?" Mad asked

"Er yeah" I guiltily stopped my rubbing

"Come on Drew, you need a warm up before the start" Dad advised

"Yes Dad" I rolled my eyes at the girls

Mad slapped my bum as I passed

"Get orf!"

"Well it's nice" she stated

"See you in a bit" Ally mentioned


"Good luck" Mad added


Something Feels Strange - 46

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

Checking her email log further, I notice that she forwarded it to her attorney around noon today with the note, “Will this do the trick? See the note from the investigator.”  The reply that came back said, “You bet, I’ll have the paperwork ready in the morning. I won’t mention the video. We’ll reveal that later.”

Things are about to hit the fan chez Lang. I just hope that Andy and his mother can survive it.

Chapter 46: No Longer A Game

Something Feels Strange - 45

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

“Chill, cousin,” I try to soothe her, “I’ve got the best protection that the government can provide on my side.”

“That’s what concerns me,” she pouts.

Chapter 45: Trouble Brewing

Something Feels Strange - 44

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

As we take a long way back to the picnic, Laurie observes, “Did you notice that Helen was wearing your necklace?”

I smile as I reply, “Yeah, I did.”

Chapter 44: Consolidating Efforts

Something Feels Strange - 43

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

No one seems to be in a hurry to exit the mysterious SUV. My awareness level rises a few notches. I may be getting paranoid but I think we’re being followed. Technically speaking, it more likely that I am being followed.

I just hope it’s Steph’s people.

Chapter 43: Am I Being Followed?

Something Feels Strange - 42

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

“Sorry,” she apologizes as she sits down while digging around in her book pack, “I’m Stephanie Adams,” and with big smile pulls out a small wallet to reveal an FBI badge before slipping it back in her pack. “I’m here to give you a hand, though from what I hear you don’t need the help. If your Aunt is correct, you could save the world single-handedly.”

Oh boy, I think to myself, I’ve just joined the big leagues. This could be fun. It will definitely be interesting.

Chapter 42: The Team Gets Bigger