Serial Chapter

Sam & Jess - 04

I cleaned up my eyes and took his hand again, I felt it move, squeezing my hand and I heard a faint voice.


Sam & Jess

Part 04

©2010 - Andrea Ribeiro


Sam & Jess - 03

“He had another shock during the night and went into cardiac arrest. The doctors were able to stabilize him again, but if we don’t operate him soon, It will probably happen again.”


 Sam & Jess

Part 03

©2010 - Andrea Ribeiro



Sam & Jess - 02



Sam & Jess

Part 02

©2010 - Andrea Ribeiro

Sam & Jess - 01


Sam & Jess

Part 01

©2010 - Andrea Ribeiro


The Wynter Lioness - Part 5

The Wynter Lioness
Part 5 (Chapter 4)


by Tychonaut

Prince Henry Wynter was the Heir to the High Throne of the Heptarchy and prophesised to one day lead his people to unparalleled greatness. Twenty two years after he abandoned his destiny and his throne for the chance to be the person he felt he was meant to be, he finds that Fate has not yet finished with him. The events surrounding the proposed appointment of a new Heir to the High Throne have consequences that reach as far the remote farmstead refuge of the former prince and threaten to destroy the new life that she has built for herself.


Reality vs Dreams vs Isa: 4 Isa Faints

After arriving home and taking a rest for the night the twins woke up to find something slightly different in their rooms.

On Isa desk and on Clara vanity there was a medallion with their names engraved on it. Each medallion was shaped as a star.

This start surrounded their names and was surrounded by a circle with rose like thorn’s pointing inward.

On a close inspection they found a note placed besides the medallion with their mom handwriting on it saying that they should wear it today.

Isa thought that this might be because of their upcoming trip to Disneyland in Paris, so Isa bought the medallion over the head and let it slip down, closing the eyes expecting the cold sensation of metal but… it never happened.

Reality vs Dreams vs Isa: 3 Isa Distress

Chp3 - Isa Distress
Music pours out in the air, the morning dawn knocks on the window, light starts once again it’s quest to vanquish all shadows, an annoying Tap-Tap and a figure arrives in my field of acknowledgment, I look up, my sister looks down, two smiles acknowledge each other.
“Lather” we, both, get to our morning routines. A computer is booted down, showers are taken, two breakfast are eaten, the mother receives her so welcome kisses and hugs of goodbye.
The twins start their walk towards the school, both are on the same classes, on the same sports, on the same extracurricular activities… both are twins in almost every sense both two… their uniform and their bathroom/locker-room.

Reality vs Dreams vs Isa: 2 Isa beginning

My heart aches, I open my eyes t find myself stuck on my bed, the lowliness abashes over me once again, tears fall from my eyes but I can’t sob or whimper, those have long ago been taken away from me.
I look for my clock, 4 AM it says and “ Good enough” I think.
It has been long since the last time I remember having more than 4 or 6 hours of sleeping time.
No longer I feel the need to rest after having a dream with her.
I don’t know who she is but I would love to be with her forever and never have to lose her once again to reality.

Getting out of bed as per usual, booting up the old and yet in good shape computer and music equipment, the set over my ears and a single key starts the melody.
I have yet to be good enough to publish my own songs but this is the only thing I can use to break the silence and heaviness in my heart in the mist of the night.
Hours tick away, the music flows and I start to dream once again, of the day I would play in a big coliseum full of my friends, my family, my best friend but specially HER, of the day of my graduation ceremony yet to come, of the day I would get my future baby first steps, my whole life.

My name is Isa, a strange name for a strange person, light hair of the white-blondish sort flows from my head, my skin coloured by the sun shows the tan that remains on me almost everyday of the year, my brown eyes simple and common show the light shine of the gate to my soul and yet no one has crossed them yet…

Reality vs Dreams vs Isa: 1 Isa dream

It all started with a dream, a dream just like many others, insane in it's nature but, at the same time, bonded by the rash thing that is reality.
A dream that started like all the others, with the closing of the eyes and the opening of the imagination.
Events start to surface, memories start to collide, reality and hopes come to mesh and mix together in the insane way that the subconscious works.
Then everything stops and time begins to crawl, a sudden light and the sweet sent of lavender mixed with honey fills the air.
Steps that defy the chaotic rules of dreams and the heart begins to race in a sudden surge of peace in the chaos that rule dreams.
SHE appears and now I know that the dream is coming to it's end, her hair white as snow shines in the sudden light, her skin of the utter pearly colour smells of peaches and caramel, her lips of glorious pink stand proudly with a smile and finally her piercing silver eyes look trough your soul and gaze your very core.
She get's closer, my hurt hurts, I long to be with her, in her arms that bring calm over me, in her chest that bring my mind to feel safe and her smile that wash's away all the worries that remain in my heart and mind.
She brings her head down, her smile of utter sweetness shines in the light and then she speaks: