F2M sex change

Operation Amity-2

Operation Amity-2

By Stanman63
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Synopsis:In a small town, friendly to the T.G. Community, a plan is set into motion to help the transgendered to switch genders if they wish. As part of the plan, their records are changed in the National Data Base and are given the choice to either go ahead with the transition and live with the new gender and identity, or wait. But there is a dark secret about the island to be uncovered.


Unpresentable Heroes (part 3 of 3)

(c) 2007 Trismegistus Shandy

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This story was first posted to the tg_fiction mailing list in mid-2007, then to Shifti.org.  It's the first of at least five stories about Nat Holcomb; I'm serializing the fourth on the tg_fiction list at the moment, the first draft of the fifth is finished and awaiting revision, and I have some ideas about a sixth story I haven't really started yet.



or, How I learned to love a Witch.

This is a sequel to my story "The Witch, the Warlock, and me"  If you haven’t, you might want to read it to find out about a few of the characters in this story.

1. A first meeting.

My name is Carl and during the break between my junior and senior years in college, I’d taken a drive to a little town on the ocean about an hour from campus.  I was walking through the older part of town, which had been renovated and turned into a very nice shopping area with many small shops.  But, most of these shops didn’t interest me.  Then at the end of one street was a very large old house that caught my attention.  The first floor had been turned into a book shop and they specialized in old books.  Old books were my down fall.  I loved them.

Tales of Airousse Moor One The Assassin’s Curse

Tales of Airousse Moor One

The Assassin’s Curse                   By Tenwaters (for reading on http://stardustr.us only)

To say Bill Bigalow was a killer while technically correct, would be imprecise, insulting, and most likely unhealthy.  To start with Bill Bigalow was not his real name just the last one he had been using.  Though he had killed a number of people there was no one who could prove it.  In most cases no one could prove that his victims were even murdered.  The man currently calling himself Bill Bigalow was a master spy and assassin.  He was no casual killer he was an artist.  Of course he did not practice his trade in Airousse Moor the Guild there was a little to territorial for his tastes. 

My name is UGLY - Chapter 2

"My name is UGLY" by POLYROBOTICS1

Chapter 2

"Natsume who is that?"

"This is Teratic. Found near the crime scene, Sir."

"How near?"

"Close enough to be disturbed by our arrival, last night."

Sure Loser

Sure Loser
Julie O
You win a few; you lose a few. But all bets are off in the big picture of life.