Sweet / Sentimental

New Meaning : Sugar And Spice -2- Temptation


New Meaning: Sugar and Spice

Part Two ~ Temptation

By Ariel Montine

Does Tony understand the real price of getting that new computer to run his game?

Kelly's Journey-Chapter 15-Through The Gate

Kelly's Journey
Chapter 15-Through The Gate
By Stanman63
Edited By Nora Adrienne with Special Thanks To Terry Naut and JennaFL for Proofing and to Heather Rose Brown for the Illustration!

Synopsis:After rescuing Julie and dealing with the trauma of the ordeal, Kelly make a momentous decision that will change the lives of everybody as she embarks upon the path of completion.

* * *


By Ronnie

Jeff sat at his desk fidgeting and constantly looking at the clock, he was having a hard time paying attention to the teacher. It was Friday the last day of school before Spring Break and then ten days off. His parents had told him that they were going to go visit his sister at the University two hundred miles away and that he would be alone for the weekend. He had been looking forward to this day for a long time; he had carefully hidden his obsession for wearing his sister’s clothes for a very long time. This weekend was his opportunity to fully dress up as a girl and spend the whole weekend that way. He could not remember when it was that he first felt the need to wear girl’s clothes but he knew that he liked it.

Kelly's Journey-Chapter 14-Becoming Kelly Girl

Kelly's Journey
Chapter 14-Becoming Kelly Girl
By Stanman63
Edited By Nora Adrienne with Special Thanks To Terry Naut and JennaFL for Proofing and to Heather Rose Brown for the Illustration!

Synopsis:Kelly starts learning more about herself as she unlearns her boyhood and embraces her womanhood. In doing so, she comes to appreciate what being a woman truly means.

The Home that Love Built

The Home That Love Built
A new universe from Catherine Linda Michel

Consider this an introduction to my dream of a place where abused,
impoverished, cast out T-girls could go to and be respected, helped,
and loved. It's been my dream for many years of such a place, and I
thought I'd write about it.

I will set the scene...the place, and it's purposes. I'll supply the
initial players...the staff as it were. YOU supply the stories. Tell of
how you'd feel about finding out there was such a place...what you'd do
to get there...why you'd need such a place...what you might be able do
to help out with such a place, once you got there.

Kelly's Journey*Chapter-8-Decisions

Kelly's Journey
By Stanman63
Edited By Nora Adrienne with Special Thanks To Terry Naut and JennaFL for Proofing and to Heather Rose Brown for the Illustration!

Synopsis: After the game, Kelly discovers more about being a girl and her fear of being outed when her mother finally discovers her son is no more, when she sees Kelly and Johnny sating their passion. Confronting Kelly, she discovers the truth about Kelly girl and her part in bringing her to life. With her mother and friends, she finds out more about herself and the beginning of a journey beyond her wildest dreams

Desert Misstake

This is a work based on one of the most famous movies of all time.
Those who have seen the movie will, no doubt, recognize some of the
names and situations described. For those who haven't seen the movie,
the title is at the end of this story.
If you enjoy the story, please comment. If you hate the story, please
comment. This is the first of what I hope will be a series of stories
from me that are complete before posting. Remember, comment, comment,
comment. Thank you, in advance. A special thanks goes out to Grover and
Ariel, whose help made this a better read. Thanks you two. You're the
best of the best.



I nervously sit in front of my mirror wearing my favorite dress applying my make-up examining my face for any flaws, I never would have thought that I would be wearing a dress and putting make-up on my face waiting for my boyfriend to go on a date one year ago. Let me explain how I ended up in front of my mirror wearing a dress.

One year ago I was your normal average guy, at least I thought I was until my father died suddenly and left mom and me trying to cope with our loss. I was 15 and a freshman just starting high school, I was not a macho guy by anyone’s standards I only weighed 130lbs and was 5’7’’ tall I had long brown hair and a high tenor voice, you might even call me a sissy; I know all the jocks did. I was never any good at sports and academic activities were not my favorite either. I enjoyed drama and music so I registered in drama and music classes and joined the drama club along with choir. With my size I was always called “fagot” or “queer” because I was in those clubs but to the people who knew me I was just me. My best friend was my neighbor Amanda we had been friends since we were little, her parents moved in when we were two and we have played together ever since then.