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Gaby: The Anime Days*Chapter 28* Bank Holiday Blues

I pretty much sulked all the way home. Did no one think I was a boy?

"You coming to Clumber tomorrow Drew?"

I was in a world of my own staring out of the bus window.


"Sorry Mad I was thinking"

"Yeah well don't do too much, it'll sap your strength!"

I batted at her, but she easily dodged my half-hearted slap.

Personal Foul

Personal Foul
Julie O

Edited by Amelia R.

Author’s note: The football games in this story are the actual games played by Ohio State University in their 2002 season.

Chapter 1
Saturday November 2, 2002

     “I’m telling you, Jill, this is our year!” exclaimed Danny Norris. They had just watched the Ohio State Buckeyes defeat Minnesota 34-3.
The auburn haired young woman next to him shook her head in mock disgust. “You’ve said that every year.”


By Ronnie

Jeff sat at his desk fidgeting and constantly looking at the clock, he was having a hard time paying attention to the teacher. It was Friday the last day of school before Spring Break and then ten days off. His parents had told him that they were going to go visit his sister at the University two hundred miles away and that he would be alone for the weekend. He had been looking forward to this day for a long time; he had carefully hidden his obsession for wearing his sister’s clothes for a very long time. This weekend was his opportunity to fully dress up as a girl and spend the whole weekend that way. He could not remember when it was that he first felt the need to wear girl’s clothes but he knew that he liked it.

Gaby : The Anime Days *Chapter 27* Moving Swiftly Along

Well after the weekend Monday almost came as relaxation. In fact most of the week was without notable incident. Monday evening we all met at Ally's and played video games and then on Tuesday I rode the Cuckney ten. I made a good effort and once again recorded a time within seconds of my new best. Even with no makeup, earrings or dolled up hair to confuse them, everyone referred to me as Miss Bond or even Dee Bond! (I guess that was because I usually told people I was D Bond, as in Drew rather than A for Andrew and they assumed I meant Dee!) Life is getting complicated! In fact the timekeeper put me on the sheet this week as Dee Bond, I now had another alias.


Targets By
Julie O

Edited By Robert Arnold

Chapter 1

    “Wow, you’re right Aaron, this is a target rich environment,” stated twenty-two-year-old Scott Daniels as several very attractive women walked past him.

    “I told you this was the best club,” replied Aaron Davis who flashed a grin. “The women here are supposed to be as willing as they are beautiful.”

    Scott smiled back at his roommate. Aaron had been telling him about this place for months. They had been friends since they had been freshman and had become as close as brothers.

Gaby"The Anime Days*Chapter 26*Drew Time

Saturday and no race today so I went for my training ride early so I would be ready to meet the rest of the gang at the bus stop at nine thirty. We were making a return trip to Nottingham at Bernie's insistence; she is a certified shopaholic!
I decided to dress in jeans and t-shirt, as the day was warm and bright. At least I naively thought no one would think I was a girl, how wrong can you get!
Of course the main topic of conversation on the hour-long bus ride was the student exchange programme. We knew no more than on Thursday but it was our happening news!
Once in our county seat, we walked through the Victoria Centre, part of Bernie's paradise, before emerging into the city centre proper. The plan was to catch a film later after doing the shops in our usual thorough way. As usual Rhod and I spent a good deal of time waiting for the girls, no way were we going into girls clothes shops, especially not with my record!
It was during one of these interludes that I found myself checking out the phones in the grandly named 'Carphone Warehouse'. A lot of the kids at school had phones but I had never been bothered enough to even look at them. However I'm a sucker for a good deal and the 'pay as you go' deal on the Nokia was too good to pass up. I mean, it was the phone at school and I could own one for just £89.95! With my, or rather Gaby's bulging bank balance I could afford it easily.

Gaby: The Anime Days * Chapter 25 * News Travels Fast

Tuesday and time for another ten. School was uneventful, Mrs Peters had her meeting with the Head but we wouldn't know the outcome till later on. At least this week I wouldn't go to the race wearing makeup and earrings! Well I suppose they were just props, I mean everyone treated me the same as when I was wearing them. I was slower this week but the weather was cooler and the weekends wind was still making it's presence felt. I didn't hang around but rode home as soon as I got my time.

"Can you ring Maddy, Drew?" Juliette greeted me

"Did she say what about?"

"Some exchange thing"

There was an element of expectation as I dialled the number.

"Hi Mrs Peters"

"Hi Drew, Maddy is just here"

"Hi Drew"

"Hi Mad, is it on then?" I asked

Gaby: The Anime Days * Chapter 24 * Return To Normal

It was a miracle that I was ready on time! The event I was riding was up in Yorkshire near Goole, only just over an hour away but dad liked to allow plenty of time and who was I to argue. Jules was out with Anna and Charlie so it was just me and dad making the trip.

"You're quiet Drew"

"Er sorry dad, just thinking"

"Penny for 'em"

What I was thinking I could hardly share with dad. The last few days had not really been that bad, I sort of enjoyed the deception and I certainly appreciated the money it had generated! It was sort of weird to be sat in the car without boobs, even if they were falsies, I mean I had gotten used to the weight and movement even if I didn't really want them in the first place. I didn't need to be 'Gaby' anymore; I had an ATM card to get to my little nest egg, so there really would be no need.

Combined Forces

Combined Forces
Julie O


Julie O

Robert Arnold

Featuring characters from The Julieverse

Chapter 1

    Richard Greene arrived at his small apartment near the University of Connecticut and opened up his mailbox. He was getting ready to finish up his second year and he was looking forward to the extended break. He pulled out his mail and sorted through it. There was the usual junk mail, and his cable bill. He then saw a letter from Max Prendergast. He had been Richard’s drama teacher back when he had been in high school.