Bob Arnold

Otherworlds web site returns

I've decided to bring back the Other Worlds web site. It can now be found at with all of the old content intact.

Bob Arnold

Site updates and repairs

I've spent a few hours this afternoon doing some major updates to the software that runs the web site. I think that I've got everything running as it was before but if you happen to notice something that doesn't seem to be working as it was before please let me know in a private message to "Bob Arnold".


BCTS/Stardust shared chat rooms open again

Yes, the rooms are open again. I had to order a new power supply for the server that hosts the rooms. It arrived today and was installed in the server a litle while ago. Sorry about the delay. I'm working now on a backup set of rooms should this ever happen again.

Bob Arnold

Ready for part 2 of the storms

Well, it looks like we're set for a repeat of yesterday's thunderstorms here in upstate NY. There's little chance of a tornado again but the probability for hail and hugh winds are very good today. Once again, if the power does go out as it did gor a while late last night, I'll try to have things except for the BCTS/Stardust chat rooms back online as quickly as possible after the power is restored.

The chat rooms should be available again some time during the day on Saturday.

Bob Arnold

Severe weather threat

Hello everyone,

UPDATE - 11:50 PM 5/26/2011 - Around 9:20 PM EST a tree branch failed in the high wind and took out the power line. It came back on a litle after 11:15 PM. Ithink that most things are back now however the CHAT ROOMS ARE STILL OFF-LINE and will be until Friday morning some time after 10 AM if the weather co-operates so I can diagnose problems with the machine.

Site outage for T1 fix

HI everyone,

I just got a notice from my Internet connection provider that the T1 line may be down on May 27th between midnight and 6 AM to allow for some work on the router that powers my T1 line. The outage should be a short one and I'll let everyone know if that day and time changes.

Bob Arnold

Pleasant reading

I am so enamored of the Bob/Julie O universe. The stories are so enjoyable and a pleasant distraction from the burdens of the day. The creation of an entire complex interweaving of mythologies, cultures and persistent, likable characters is so refreshing.

---- I removed some entries here that are just too painful for me to maintain. Another place, another time, my "muse" may give me an outlet to write some of my own stories as a tribute to her ------ (TAH)

Within the stories there are people who faced the same adversities that many of us have gone through and they in turn, become role models for more characters. There is a parallel in my life as I consider that I was "saved" from the inevitability of self-destructive behavior before I transitioned by someone who was a real world hero.

Old movie show update and things in general

I haven't said or done much other than basic stuff here and at home for at least the past two weeks. I got hit pretty badly by a nasty cold that is only now clearing up. It's hard to do things with your head feeling like it's full of the stuff that they use to fill stuffed toys and that stuff happend to be completely soaked with something that strongly resembles molasses in wintertime.

I've got a list of things that need to be tended to so here's the order I'll be taking things in:

1) Catch up on paying my bills. Nothing is late yet and won't be if I get it caught up in the next day or so.

2) Editing for Julie O. I've got two of her stories in the queue and I really don't want to get her or her readers mad at me for taking so long to get them out.

Out sick for a while

I've been sick with a cold since last Sunday. It started off with a sore throat and went downhill from there. I think I'm on the up side of whatever got me though. Only problem is that the coughing won't let me type properly. I was going to write a bit and do some editing along with some site work this week and haven't been able to do any of it. Even typing this is taking three times longer that it normally would. Guess I'll head back to the couch and take a little nap. Where is a nice warn kitty when you need one to have purring on your chest as you sleep?


A bit of a scary day

As some of you might know from watching the news, a large area of the Northeast got drenched by heavy rain yesterday. My area in upstate NY was hit with 4 to 5 inches of rain that caused some flooding and a few power glitches too with the rain hitting the leaves and causing branches to break on power lines. Fortunately the power stayed on and the servers stayed up although there were a couple of momentary hits that caused no damage.

Although the rain has now stopped, parts of the area are still under flood warnings and watches since all that water has to go somewhere. I'll be making a trip out for groceries and to see if there's stil any flooding in my area. I hope to be able to do some site work when I get back this afternoon and post a new Julie O story here with a link to it from BCTS,

Bob Arnold