Angela Rasch

A Dollar Short

There was a time when I could get excited about things the way Stephanie does. I would have given anything then to travel to places where no one had ever gone. That was before I realized people like me would always be limited in our scope and couldn’t be adventurous.

And It Feels So Good


Jessica had left Eloise a decade ago, and then fulfilled a lifetime dream. She had made a break with her past, until an invitation to her high school reunion caught up with her.

Baseball Annie

Baseball Annie
By Angela Rasch

Baseball players are the most superstitious of all athletes. Andy has played baseball his entire life and is currently a Minnesota Twin in the twilight of his career. The Twins win a game after Andy shaves his leg for the first time. When the players decide that there is a causal relationship between Andy becoming more feminine and winning games -- all heaven breaks loose.

Peaches - Part 7

In the final part, all good things must come to an end, and a new beginning. Wedding plans are in the air, and the project awards ceremony is just around the corner.

Peaches - Part 6

The kids have been invited to Aunt Belle’s Adirondack retreat. It is an opportunity for great personal growth, but whose? Some things are going well, but there are hurdles facing some of the kids’ projects.

Peaches - Part 5

Taking it on the road — In Part 5, Peaches, Mel, Zack, and Mouse are all flying to Sedalia, Missouri to a Scott Joplin festival. Mel wants to get back together with Peaches, but she doesn’t have a clue on how to make that happen. Mel’s mother could tell her, but will she?

Peaches - Part 4

The school is having a fifties style sock hop, and is awarding prizes for the best costumes. Peaches’ costume is a poodle skirt with all the trimmings. What will Mel’s old boyfriend think of Peaches’ new look?

Peaches - Part 3

Peaches and Mel decide to go a bit deeper into exploring Peaches’ femininity. Mel’s mother is very concerned about her image, yet suddenly she seems to be very helpful. Peaches has a birthday.

Peaches - Part 2

Synopsis: What had been theoretical planning moves into the reality of the first day of school. How will the jocks and others react to Morgan and Mel’s gender-bending?

Peaches - Main Book Page

Morgan is entering his sophomore year in high school. The most beautiful girl in the class asks him to work with her on a special school project. This is extraordinary in that he is the smallest boy in class and her previous boyfriend is the star quarterback. Morgan is quickly up to his “cute little ears” in a unique learning experience.