Jennifer Brock

Domestic Partnership

Domestic Partnership by Jennifer Brock

Two lost souls seeking to improve their lives find a common solution, but a series of mistakes, bizarre coincidences, and confused identities leads them in an unexpected direction.

Honey, I know you’re probably a little confused about what you saw. There’s a secret we’ve been keeping from you until you were ready to handle it, and I guess we’ll have to explain it now whether you’re ready or not. I know you’re going to have some questions, but if you could wait until we’re finished, and then we can fill in any holes that you still don’t understand. Okay?

Morale Officer

The Monongah hung in space like a giant 10-penny nail. She was an asteroid mining ship for the AsterOre Mining Corporation. The ship was designed to be fully self-contained, and capable of remaining in space indefinitely without needing to return to Earth.  That’s the way it worked in theory, at least. In practice, when over two hundred men are stuck together in a giant tin can millions of miles from home, they hunger for human contact, particularly female human contact.