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Acidalia part 7

Acidalia VI

                             By Amanda D.


 Friday June 23 12:00 PDT KLTR news:


Good morning
San Francisco
. Our top story at this hour is the stunning announcement by the United Nations (U N) calling for the complete quarantine of the
United States
. Meeting in an emergency session in Geneva the worlds nations unanimously agreed to the blockade of all US ports and offered Canada and
troop support for their borders. This comes in the wake of the growing number of refugees heading to the northern and southern borders in an attempt to escape the dreaded virus.

Acidalia part VI

Thursday, June 14 morning:

Sam Grayson stood at the back of the grave side crowd listening somberly to the minister drone on about life, death, heaven and Laura’s sure place in it. As the sun shown brightly and the birds sang to the clear blue sky above, it seemed to Sam, absurd that the world should keep on going about its business on a day like this. A cold shiver ran down her spine as the real meaning of the word mortality revealed it’s self to her in the beauty of this sad day.


Main cover page for Acidalia by Amanda D.

Acidalia V

Acidalia V by Amanda D.

Friday June 9 early morning:

The flames surrounded her and the smoke filled her lungs as she and Rosey ran down the hallway. Everywhere they looked the children begged to be saved. They gathered them as they moved through the smoke, trying to get to the open window in the doctor’s lounge. There was a fire trucks ladder waiting for them there. All they needed to do was get the kids to it and they would all be safe.

Acidalia IV

Acidalia IV By Amanda D.

Sunday June 4 10:30 Pm
Hasbro Children’s Hospital
Providence RI.

Dr. Roosevelt Grant rushed into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). He looked over at the nurses’ station and found Dr. Greg Khin waiting for him. “I got your page, from my service and got here as fast as I could. What’s the big emergency?” Grant asked.

“Your patient in room three, the McCoy kid from South Boston…”

“The car accident kid?”

“Yes that’s one. His condition has…changed.” Khin said with a concerned look on his coffee colored face. “It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I thought you should go in and see for yourself.”

Acidalia III

Acidalia III by Amanda D.

At 5:30pm Ellie, formerly Elijah, Wolf sat in from of her television to watch the president’s address to the nation.

President Fuller "Good evening and thank you for letting me into your homes this evening. I am here tonight to try to dispel some of the rumors surrounding the so called Acidalia outbreak in the San Francisco area. Much of what has been reported thus far has been pure conjecture on the part of the various news outlets in the area.

The first rumor that I would like to discuss is the one concerning the virus it’s self. I personally have seen reports saying it does everything from kill to cause nose bleeds. The truth is that Acidalia only effects men and has caused some small mutations in their genetic structure, causing some to need hospitalization. But to our knowledge no one, I repeat no one has died from this virus. For those of you with family members that have been infected, I hope this brings you some small solace.

Acidalia II

Acidalia II By Amanda D.

Laura and Sam waited in the isolation lab for the solders to arrive. Laura outside in the control room and Sam was stuck inside…still. The word had just come in that Col. Charles Jordan head of the United States Army Research Institute for Infectious Disease, USAMRID, biological contamination unit was on the way down. We didn’t have to wait long.

Acidalia I

Acidalia I By Amanda D.

Scientists searching for a biological "Foutain of Youth" get much more than they wanted.

Karma Parts 2 & 3

Karma Part 2

By Amanda D.

Karma part 1


                                     By Amanda D.