Rachel Anne Keller

It was "Like" Magic

          "Oh My God, you are never going to believe what you missed seeing at the Civic Center Halloween Party last Saturday."

Ad Requiem

          I’d like to tell you about a close friend of mine whose name is Lee Anne Rimes. He’d tell you to go ahead and laugh, everyone else does.

Kayla's Affair Part 3: Pool Party

Kayla’s Affair

Part 3: Pool Party

By Rachel Anne Keller

 Chapter 1: Amanda

My god what am I doing?  Here I am getting more and more involved with Kayla, and he’s a boy, a dirty deceitful brut just like the ones that hurt me.

Kayla's Affair Part 1

Kayla's Affair

By Rachel Anne Keller

Edited by Holly Logan

Part 1 : The Awakening

It all started the year I turned 13. I was a rather shy boy with long blonde hair, brown eyes, standing close to 5’4” tall and weighing about 95 pounds. There really wasn’t anything exceptional about me. Actually, I think most people didn’t really know I existed.

I was an only child and both my parents were more interested in their jobs than paying any attention to me. Dad had just received a big promotion and he and Mom decided we could afford a bigger, better home. Why we needed a new place, I have no idea. The one we had was fine, with plenty of space, a nice yard and decent, if standoffish, neighbors. There were kids my age around, just no one I was willing to associate with on a regular basis.