Heat Wave

His lips caressed hers as he breathed his very soul into her. She'd dreamed of this moment for years never believing for a moment that it could happen to her. Countless nights she had tossed and turned thinking about him, how he'd sweep her off her feet as he declared his undying love with a kiss. But never in a million years did she think it would actually happen. . .

Alex was the star quarterback of the Cougars and she'd been his best friend and neighbor for years. Always there to support him no matter what happened. She'd watched while the prettiest girls in town captured his attention and was there to comfort him when the romances ended. She always had his back and truth be told he had hers but he never saw her in that way. At those times he'd say, quite truthfully, "Bobbi I don't know what I'd do without you. You're the best friend a guy could have!"

Pop my Cork

Bob's anger and disappointment built as he moved about the prop room cleaning and dusting the myriad items that had graced the stage over the past 30 years. A stage, it appeared, that would never be graced by his presence.

Once again his hopes had been dashed by an audition in which his scrawny undersized body was deemed too pathetic next to the lithe and buff competition. No matter that he could dance rings around them and sing like an angel – and that was another problem, his voice. No-one wanted a twenty-five year old singer who sounded like a member of the Vienna Boys Choir.

Even so, he thought he'd stood a chance at a part as an orphan in the revival of 'Oliver!' until the casting director said he looked too old. And now it looked like he would grow old in his job as prop manager for the State Theater.


Tyler Spence was an enigma, a blond, blue-eyed ruggedly handsome man the women loved but couldn't snare. Not that he was a player, just the opposite. Women found him a consummate and considerate sexual partner but never a lover. The perfect gentleman he never made promises he didn't keep and never bragged about his liasons. The women talked about him though and his apparent disinterest in a long-term relationship didn't stop them from trying. Each was sure that she would be the one to turn his head AND his heart.
A marine biologist by trade, he also loved his work. At the moment it involved the eating habits of the great white. He often went down in a cage or more often diving to observe a shark while feeding and the foundation made extra income from the vivid film he shot. His appearances on those 'Wild Kingdom' type shows brought him a new legion of fans.

. . .And Fifty Cents For Your Soul

. . .And Fifty Cents For Your Soul

  'Mad Dog' Jansen stomped down the polluted beach, kicking driftwood and whatever else got in his way with his size 14 combat boots. He smiled for a moment at the memory of how that pansy quarterback for the Saints had looked after he'd 'accidentally' snapped his throwing arm, the pain in his eyes before he'd passed out. It had been a clean hit but Jansen knew he'd angled himself to inflict the maximum amount of damage.

Body By Fisher

He dangled his line of the end of the pier as the tide came
in hoping to catch the night's dinner when the hook snagged
on something. He tugged and tugged and finally the hook
came free. He pulled up the line to find his hook firmly
embedded in a cork.

Why Do The He Then Rage?

He had just come back from Vegas and was wandering the 
shore of his small beachfront home when out of the corner
of his eye he saw it. A flash of light on a piece of glass.
He strolled over to where he saw the flash and saw a bottle
nearly buried in the sand.

Three wishes

The three crossdressers had found a deserted beach where 
they could wear their women's bathing suits without being
laughed at. Wandering along the shore they espied a bottle
and each grabbed for it. In the ensuing catfight the
stopper got pulled and the requisite beautiful genie

A Lack, A Lass

Now Angus loved women; he loved the clothes they wore, the 
way they smelled and the way they looked. But he loved
Timmy more and his greatest wish in life was to find his
way to Timmy's heart