Samantha Jay

Georgina 2


By Samantha Jay

© October 2009



Part 2


Chapter 12

Chris had just collected her change when she heard the shots. She looked at where she thought they came from and saw Sam on the floor. She ran over to her, saw the blood and screamed.

In the security control room, the shooting was seen on a cctv monitor. The controller pressed a button and spoke into a microphone, “All units, shooting outside M & S east entrance. I repeat shooting outside M & S east entrance. Instigate plan delta.” He then pressed another button and dialled triple nine.

In a British Telecom operator centre an alarm went off, an operator stopped what she was doing, pressed a button and said, “Emergency, which service do you require?”

And a Happy New Year

And a Happy New Year
By Samantha Jay
© December 2009

I knew that I would have to fulfil my promise, I just hadn't found anyone yet

Georgina 1

By Samantha Jay
© January 2010

The long awaited sequel to Peter

So This Is Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be a time of happiness and good will, so why are there more suicides during this period than at any other time? And does one person really make a difference?


“I want to die, I want the pain to go away,” Peter sobbed. “ I mean what I say, I’ve got a knife.”