Maggie Finson

Maiden by Decree Chapter 21

Maiden by Decree
Chapter Twenty One
By Maggie Finson


or, Have Fun Storming the Castle

“Doesn’t this thing ever give up?” Deirdre grumped as the monster threw itself at the door for the third time.

Maiden by Decree Chapter 20

Maiden by Decree
Chapter Twenty
 By Maggie Finson

Still Escaping

or, What the Hell was THAT?


The locals don’t seem all that inclined to warn Roric of our approach.” Sestalphas noted as the army passed the fifth village they’d seen with no sign of anyone running to warn the so-called lord of the province.

Maiden by Decree Chapter 19

Maiden by Decree
Chapter Nineteen
 By Maggie Finson
A Kidnapping Gone Bad

or, I’m Still Making This Up as I Go!


Lookouts shouted and Garret, atop a small hill, shaded his eyes while looking towards the pass with the comment. “I count all the drivers and herders coming out.”

Maiden by Decree Chapter 18

Maiden by Decree Chapter 18

On The Loose


Just What Are You Trying to Tell Me Here?

Maiden by Decree Chapter 17

Maiden by Decree

Chapter 17


Or: I Really Need to Find a Better Class of Kidnappers

“Tell me how this happened.” Garret surveyed the splattered gore, and disheveled bed then turned to Chalmnessa’s Guard Captain with a look that would have cracked granite. “How did anyone, let alone more than one person, get in here to do this without being spotted before they reached this point or when they were leaving?”

That worthy, Sestelphas, frowned and returned Garrets gaze steadily with one that was just as hard, and furious. “They walked in through one of the posterns during the night. One of the gate keepers, Sham, was involved. We found his body outside the gate hidden under a tarpaulin being used to protect some lumber. His wife and daughter were found a short while ago, also dead, and this was in Sham’s home.”

Maiden by Decree Chapter 15

Maiden by Decree

Chapter 15


Or: So This is Where You Grew Up…


Maggie Finson

“What were you thinking?” Garret asked almost plaintively once he had gotten Deirdre back to her cabin and in relative private. “Risking yourself in a shipboard battle? You could have been captured, or worse, killed!”

“It seemed like the thing to do at the time?” She answered with a shrug. “I couldn’t just stand there and scream you know. I don’t do the helpless maiden thing all that well.”

Maiden by Decree Chapter 13 & 14

Maiden by Decree

Chapter 13



Oh, no Frigging Way! I’m not going to Do It!

Oh, well, I suppose that pretty well tells you all what the character reactions to living through this chapter were. They’re currently on strike and close to being in open revolt here. Sigh.

Come to think of it, with all the problems our heroines, heroes, and villains are coping with I can’t really blame them.

Now Deirdre, put the mace down, it’s okay.

Garret, do something with her!

Maiden by Decree Chapter 11

Maiden by Decree

Chapter 11


Or: I Didn’t buy Into This But I Seem to be Stuck with it

“I’m really worried about her.” Garret looked towards the door to Deirdre’s bedchambers – thankfully quiet now, but that was worrisome, too. “She was doing so well for a while, then suddenly went berserk.”

“It isn’t your fault, brother.” Jessica tried to reassure him. “You had no more control over what has been happening than she has. The problem here is that she has finally understood that she is powerless to stop what is happening and that she will never be able to go back to what she was.”

Maiden by Decree Chapter 10

Maiden by Decree


Maggie Finson

Chapter Ten

How Much Longer Do I Put Up With This?

Or: Does Gritting my Teeth Count as a Smile?

Cedric King of Jhalmar chuckled quietly between formal presentations as he observed Deirdre’s dance with Laddin, and her ‘clumsiness’ during that dance.

“What has you amused tonight, dear?” Evaine, his wife and Queen questioned then added. “Since you always have detested these events it must be something noteworthy.”

“Oh, just Garret’s little hellion determinedly stomping at Laddin’s foot.” Cedric answered with a grin. “Every time the young man gets more – umm – familiar than the lady likes, she ‘accidentally' steps on the arch of his foot, then apologizes profusely from the look of things.”

Maiden by Decree Chapter 9

Maiden by Decree

Maggie Finson

Chapter Nine

The Royal Grand Ball

Or “The Things I do just to Keep People Happy.”

“So how am I supposed to act tonight?” Deirdre nervously questioned Jessica resplendent in her gold gown, as the pair waited for their men to arrive.

“Just be yourself, dear.” The other answered with a shrug then rearranged the skirts of her gown for better effect when the men arrived.

“That’s what keeps getting me into trouble.” The dark haired almost girl snorted while making certain her own skirts were arranged in the most flattering manner.