A Christmas Visit

A Christmas Visit

The early winter storm raged, slashing and tearing with icy blades at the weary Christmas decorations along the street vainly trying shine though the wintery onslaught. Ice glazed the poorly heated apartment windows erasing all signs of the holiday season as the storm howled.

The Glade

A young man looking for peace may find something else as he ventures into the Glade.

Warning!: Suicide is mentioned within this story. If this would disturb you please don't read any further.

The Fairy Queen's Ring: Another Halloween Fairy Tale.

Disclaimer: This story is
fiction. Any resemblance between actual people or events are
accidental and unintentional. TG themes are presented within and if
that would offend you please pass this story by. As always I am
thankful for Janet Nolan and Holly Logan for their patience for
dealing with my poor grammar and their efforts in making this fantasy

The Fairy Queen's Ring:
Another Halloween Fairy Tale


Those Crazy Tourists: Gender Express


Those Crazy Tourists



by Heather Rose Brown’s ‘Gender Express’

Splish Splash!

Have you ever had a bad day at school? Did the class bully push you around? How do you deal with it? A bubble bath of course!

Splish Splash!

Disclaimer: This is fiction so please treat it as such. Mr. Bubbles is a trademark that is used without permission but no slander is intended. Many thanks to Holly Logan and Sephrena Miller for their help in making this readable!

Paul struggled though the kitchen back door half dragging his book bag. Cursing his small size, he half threw-half lifted his bag onto the table. Wincing at the bang, he hoped his Mom hadn't heard. If he was lucky he could change in the laundry room and keep his current sorry state of affairs to himself. That hope was dashed as she cleared her throat behind him.

Heroes of Justice

Greg and the guys are your normal group of gaming geeks looking to escape from the pressures of reality for a few hours. The newest Superhero Role-playing game is promising adventures beyond their wildest dreams. What if it is right? Do you want to play the game?

Heroes of Justice
Part I

by Grover

Is BigCloset having problems today?

I seem to be having problems logging onto BigCloset. Is anyone else?

Fairies, Dragons, and Elves, Oh My!

My hair streamed behind me and my gossamer wings fluttered in the slipstream as I hitched a flight from Bahadur Azi Dahaka, dragon warrior of the Mountains of the Summer Snows.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is unintentional. Transgender themes and other mature themes are included within. If you would be offended by these, please don’t continue! I, the author, reserve the right repost this work As always, I am very aware of the wonderful group of proofers that take my rough-hewn ideas and sand it smooth, turning it into a readable story, thank you Hope, Janet, and Paula. Special thanks to Holly who although she was very busy took the time to look over this for me. There may still be errors in the following but they are mine as I am still learning how to send and receive documents in different formats.

They Might be Men!

John was becoming very stressed out. Although he was just a minor functionary with the State Department, it had fallen to him to introduce the Teral cultural representatives to New York's night life.

In other words, some of the Alien ship's crew wanted to go on shore-leave and, if anything were to go wrong, he was going to be caught holding the 'sticky' end of the stick.

Boots: A Cat's Tale

Disclaimer: This is a fictional story and any resemblance between real people and places is unintended. It does deal with Transgender themes and the supernatural. If these are not for you than stop here please! Thanks again to Janet Nolan, Hope, Nellie and Paula for their great work and patience in proofing and first reads. Any mistakes of course is mine. (Important Note: Due to a mistake on my part I posted a earlier uncorrected version. All the errors were entirely my fault and humbly aploigize to my proofers for my embarressing goof. Please not the boiling oil!)

Boots the Cat’s Tale