Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal How much is a dream worth?

Strange Happenings In Ragnorak County

Well I guess you could say it all started about a week after the big Fourth of July celebration. Scooter and I were making a few extra bucks helping clean up the park in front of the courthouse. That’s where we heard Old Josh Taylor complain to Sheriff Daly about someone stealing his prize Rhode Island Red Rooster and leaving a young hen in its place.

New Life Year

If magic is just science that hasn't been explained yet, can the magic return? Find out with Hope when she finds her new life.

What a Christmas

Christmas can be a tough time of year for anyone, but Brian is going to have a Christmas his family will never forget!

Christmas Dreams in Twilight

Ira and Mae in their golden years, still finds love and magic in Christmas. My entry for BC Christmas Contest 2006.

The Princess's Wishes: A Halloween Fairy Tale

The Princess’s Wishes, A Halloween Fairy Tale
By grover
The revised and better edited story with help from Angel and Karen P.

This is my first story, and since I had to do the best I could editing it, be aware I know of the bad grammar and spelling mistakes. I wrote this for Sapphire’s Halloween contest and am reposting it here. This story does feature TG themes and if that offends you, please don’t read any further. Warning: novice writer, read at own risk!

Barry is about to get a Hallowenn Trick or Treater, that he'll never forget as a Princess makes her wishes.