Jamie Lou

Dreams Can Change You - Part 1

Dreams Can Change You - Part 1
By Jamie Lou

Somewhere, in the distance, Kim’s phone warbled. And again. She rolled over, awake, barely, recognized the ringtone, dragged the phone off the nightstand, rolled back onto her pillow and thumbed “Send.”

“Dale. Dammit. It’s—” she looked to the clock, “It’s frickin’ eight o’clock—”

“Kim! Kim! Listen,” Dale interrupted. “I’m a woman!”

“Oh shit Dale, I know you’re a wo—”

“No. No. I’m a whole woman. My prick’s gone. I got a cunny.”

“What are you—? You’re not making sense.”

Saturday Afternoon In The Kitchen

Saturday Afternoon In The Kitchen

By J. L. Wendelin

Recently I found a box of my mother’s pictures and sat at the kitchen table looking through them. Little did I know that my trip down memory lane would lead to a conversation with my daughter about a subject I’d long avoided. Kelley, at 15, was old enough now to understand – probably well past; the subject needed to be broached. I’m a wimp and always hate the hard parental subjects such as sex, drugs, drinking, smoking – and the occasional bad grade. However, we have a good relationship, better that most I think, and I’ve always answered her questions about anything she’s asked. She’d never asked about this before; I never volunteered. She would today.

The Only Thing I Could Do

The Only Thing I Could Do

By Jamie Lou

He slumped onto the stool next to her with an exhausted sigh. She already had a drink.

“Donn,” she said.


 The bartender brought a scotch without being asked: his usual.

“Tough night screwing the girls?” he asked.


A drabble

Caveat Emptor

Mike’s purchase on TG-Bay has unexpected features and consequences.

Best Friends

We’ve always been a pair, haven’t we?


Easter is a day to celebrate rebirth and the start of new life - in more ways than one.

April: First Contact

Aliens make contact and, well… Note the date.

Sam's Escape

A young woman finds a way to escape from the mother who made her so.

Stardust Implodes!

The end of an era in Vegas. Ol' Blue Eyes is weeping...