Stardust's First Story Contest Entry

The judges have decided! And the awards go to...

Here's the final results of the first Stardust Science Fiction Story Contest as only Erin Halfelven can present them. Yes, I know my name is on the story too but it's mostly Erin's inspired madness.

Morale Officer

The Monongah hung in space like a giant 10-penny nail. She was an asteroid mining ship for the AsterOre Mining Corporation. The ship was designed to be fully self-contained, and capable of remaining in space indefinitely without needing to return to Earth.  That’s the way it worked in theory, at least. In practice, when over two hundred men are stuck together in a giant tin can millions of miles from home, they hunger for human contact, particularly female human contact.

Past Imperfect

"That costume must have taken a long time to perfect, Hon. We all thought you were an middle-aged guy. Now that I look at you close … are you seeing anyone exclusively? My younger brother just graduated high school, and I think you’d like him."

~~ Does she think I’m GAY! And a recent high school grad?~~ I screamed in my mind until I saw myself in a large mirror on the wall of the woman’s locker-room where she’d led me as she’d spoken. I’d was about to protest I was *not that way* when I saw myself, truly saw myself in that huge mirror, I fainted.



     The following story was initially posted to a mailing list.  This is a significantly modified version of that initial posting.  This story is science-fiction and definitely has transgender elements, but try as I may, I couldn't really pigenonhole it using the available categories.  You'll have to decide for yourselves whether it's good entertainment in this setting.

Bermuda Tangle


George travels from England to Bermuda for the holiday of a lifetime and to try to sort out his life.

His life gets sorted out in away that no-one (except us) could expect.


Someone wants private investigator Nick Llewellyn out of the way, and they've devised a twisted way to do it. He has just twenty-four hours to discover who is responsible - twenty-four hours before he ends up dead on arrival.

Market Research – A Midsummer Night’s dream

An alternate version (reality) of Tom's contact with the alien probe.

Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal How much is a dream worth?

They Also Serve

“Terry Winthrop,” the woman standing in the door leading from the waiting room to the back office called.
Terry got up from the hard plastic chair and walked over, following his case worker to her desk in the office.
“You have,” Denise Steele said after they had settled, “a week to find a job. If you don’t have a job within a week, or some other method of guaranteeing your financial responsibility, you’ll be arrested as having no visible means of support. The penalty, as you well know, is being assigned to a labor battalion.”