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Counting don to a New Yeer or is it up? And my spelling still sucks

It's aprox 7:15 PM CST so there is less than five hours left of 2009. May or may not be awake at Midnight but Happy New Years for what it is worth. Maybe I should work on the Timeout chapter I got back from proofing and see if I can get it closer to posting. Been stuck abit with my muse but hope to push on. I promissed Mr Arnold, that's Bob not the Govenator, some interaction between a favorite character of his and some of mine and I really do need to produce. John in Wauwatosa P.S. Hope all is well for you, Bob, and thanks for providing this and several other fine sites.

Weird weather factoid ... and Happy New Year from the middlecoast

The three snowiest Decembers on record in Milwaukee have all occurred in my lifetime, all in the last ten years ... 2000, 2007 and 2008.

Everyone of these was roughly an average Milwaukee winter's worth of snow.

Oh my aching back!

John in Wauwatosa

P.S. Something like 10 or more of the warmest years on record have occurred in the last 15 to 20 years. The official weather records here go back to aprox 1870 as Increase Lapham, a prominent Wisconsin scientist was a founder of the US Weather Bureau, now part of NOAA.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

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I’m a normal Joe … Let me start again, I’m a normal person … That’s not right either …I enjoy a holiday as much as the average person, but why must Christmas start in July? I’m not kidding, go into your favorite BIGBOX retailer in midsummer, and I can guarantee you Christmas items will be sneaking their way onto the shelves.

How to edit your self

“I remember Mom saying her sister was wild but wow!” I said to myself. I settled in for the night in my aunt’s big, ornate bed and dreamed of her, these remarkable women friends/lovers of hers and what they did together, some of it in this very bed. There were the photos to prove it.

Past Imperfect

"That costume must have taken a long time to perfect, Hon. We all thought you were an middle-aged guy. Now that I look at you close … are you seeing anyone exclusively? My younger brother just graduated high school, and I think you’d like him."

~~ Does she think I’m GAY! And a recent high school grad?~~ I screamed in my mind until I saw myself in a large mirror on the wall of the woman’s locker-room where she’d led me as she’d spoken. I’d was about to protest I was *not that way* when I saw myself, truly saw myself in that huge mirror, I fainted.


Lady Lionel

I’m sorry, I wandered again. So, Lynn gives me *the look* and we go to the kitchen to talk.

"Chris, you’ve been with me to the doctors. You heard what they said." She was crying.

"That Tommy is becoming aware that he is not like most other boys and they think he might be transgendered? I agree, I always thought he was too gentle a child to be a boy but then I was a quiet boy too. I wish we could do something for him but what is there other than to support him for now. When he’s older if he’s like this, I have no problems with him transitioning. I’d hate to lose a son but when I read about how many transsexuals kill themselves ... A live daughter beats a dead son hands down."

A Day in the Life

"Damned Ponch and Fleischman, why did they have to do that experiment, life used to be so predictable," I muttered to myself most every morning. I put on my hat and coat and hopped off to work being careful not to catch my tail in the door. Cars were impractical when the intelligent form of life was descended from kangaroos. "At least this is better than yesterday when everyone was hyper-intelligent amphibians. I can still taste those flies, yuck!"

Conversion Tables

I grabbed the attached metal control box and flipped the selector to fine adjust. I absentmindedly walked in front of the antenna array, thinking nothing of it. I twitched the control. There was a sudden spike in the signal; the *signal lock* and *transmitter online* lamps lit. I felt a violent shock and remember nothing after that… I must have blacked out.