E. E. Nalley

Belle of the Ball, Chapter Twenty Nine

Chapter Twenty Nine

Stone Mountain Park, 1985

It’s an un-written law of Nature that when you really need a restroom, there’s never one around.

On Google and Dismissals

Every now and then I google myself. Maybe it's vanity, but folks who read my stuff don't always talk about it on the websites I frequent. And, hey, half of the fun of being a writer is the joy of knowing what people think about what you've written. THe other half, of course is money, but we're not going to go there.

So I'm going through the results and I come across a blog entry. There's a young T-girl who's in the process of evaluating her reading material to see if they're helping or hurting her transistion, or so I gathered from the read. She had quite a lot to say about some of the writers I'm friends with but what struck me was what she had to say about Bek. And I quote:

The Horror of Real Life

Wow, it's been a long time since I've done something with this.

I guess I should feel a little ashamed, but unfortunately all I have to offer up are the usual mea culpas. So, what is spinning in my corner of creation you might be wondering?

Well, I have to announce that Foundations of Stone is offically gone. The coders had a hell of a time implimenting some of the more tricky features we wanted to include, the art department couldn't meet deadlines and as the entire project missed two important mile stones the investors pulled out. A bit over a month ago a cyber squatter stole the domain and that, as they say is that.

Belle of the Ball, Chapter Twenty Eight

Chapter Twenty Eight

“I seem to recall telling a red-headed rookie that she was on administrative suspension and that she shouldn’t go looking for life or death situations that would require her to remove the power inhibitor I put on her.”

Archimedes' Loss: A Care Givers Company Adventure

Archimedes Loss

A Care Givers Company Adventure


E. E. Nalley

There was mutiny in the air.

The Ivory Tower Crumbled

The Ivory Tower Crumbled


E. E. Nalley Jr.

Chapter One

The Voyage Home

Waiting on the Wind, Chapter Five

Waiting on the Wind
E. E. Nalley
Here it is, the somewhat long awaited Chapter Five of this Role Playing Fantasy Novel. The first four chapters can be found at Sapphire's Site here.
What have Deputy John and his gang of RPG friends gotten themselves into by being transported to another world and into their characters? You'll have to read to find out...

Belle of the Ball, The Movie!

Belle of the Ball
The Motion Picture
This is a project I've been putzing with for quite some time and I thought you all might be interested in reading it. It's script format and fairly bare bones I'm afraid, but it does have some unpublished bits I think you might enjoy.