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I don't mean to sound disrespectful, but one way to get authors to not multiple post or if they do, to give this site a plug would be if they got better responses from the readers in the for of... yes you've gussed it - comments.

I know that people don't comment overly on this site, but it should be being encouraged.

So far I have had loads of reads and bugger-all comments for my stories.

I was going to leave Lucky heather up for a week before I posted anywhere else and when I checked the next day, I was top of the popularity poll and had not a single comment.

I mean no disrespect here, but tap out a word or two, it's not difficult - pretty please?

Lucky Heather

Lucky Heather

(C) 2007 Nick B

It's a kind of magic...

There's someone I need to thank and that's Kristina LS for her help proofing this and generally being an all-round good egg. She does all my stories and I shall be eternally grateful.

Halloween - Chapter 4

(C) 2006 Nick B All rights reserved


Chapter 4


Jess snuggled up to Chris hearing his breathing change as he drifted off to sleep.

It was a sticky situation, no doubt about it. She had jumped on the situation without a
thought for what it would do. She thought it was just a bit of fun. She knew he enjoyed it,
but she never once considered that it would ever be anything more than that.

Halloween - Chapter 3

(C) 2006 Nick B All rights reserved

Chapter 3

The next day, Chris woke to find the bed beside him empty. He sat up and let his eyes become accustomed to the light. He’d not been there for long before Jess came in.

"So you finally decided to join us?"

"I was tired."

"Well don’t lie there all morning, we’ve got shopping to do."


"Look, I’m willing to admit that I got you into this mess, but I’m not prepared to let you ruin all my clothes getting you back out of it."

Halloween - Chapter 2

After the fun of the work's ball and of course, afterwards, Chris makes himself ready to go to work, only this isn't as easy as it should have been...


Not all costumes are for the season...

Halloween - Chapter 1

(C) 2006 Nick B - All rights reserved

Chapter I

The thing with Halloween is that it’s unpredictable; predictably so.

Last year for instance, was not what Chris Burton would have expected even if he had been told it would happen beforehand.