Danielle J

Duty, Honor, Country, Family, Part 31

“This attempt to make the Watanabes legitimate would likely end in Agent Ripley’s death?” Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda asked his Justice Minister, Kunio Hatoyama.

“I think you are right, Prime Minister-san.”

“You do remember what Fukushiro Nukaga is asking of me?”

“Yes, Prime Minister-san, I do.”

“If Agent Ripley died doing the Swan Song work, do you think that would satisfy him?”


Duty, Honor, Country, Family - Part Thirty One

by Danielle J


Synopsis- Chuck gets to meet Hiromi’s parents for the first time and preparations continue to be made for a renewed Operation Swan Song.

Duty, Honor, Country, Family, Part 30

“How are you feeling?” Chuck asked Hiromi

“I am having a little bit of morning sickness right now.”

Chuck smiled. “We’re going to be parents next year.”

“We’re parents already,” Hiromi corrected Chuck. “It’s just a little hard to see right now.”

Chuck kissed his wife again. “I stand corrected, Kimi-chan. Is there anything I can get you?”

Duty, Honor, Country, Family - Part Thirty

by Danielle J

Synopsis- Chuck comes back to Hiromi but will she accept his apology?

Duty, Honor, Country, Family, Part 29

“Will you be giving me a ring tomorrow, Chuck?” Gary asked as he got ready to leave the pub. “I got nothing scheduled at all for tomorrow.”

“I don’t know, Gary. My situation with the wife is still up in the air as I told you.”

“Forget about her, Chuck. There’s plenty of Sheilas here in Alice who would give their left arm to be your wife.”

Duty, Honor, Country, Family - Part Twenty Nine

by Danielle J

Synopsis: Swan Song seems to be going forward using Ripley’s revised plan. Chuck is having second thoughts about his wife, and running into problems on his own, but his actions have thus far prevented Hiromi’s letter of apology and explanation from reaching him. In the meantime, Gabrielle has volunteered to go through the Double Helix process and take Chuck’s place as Hiromi’s husband, with the general consensus being that she would be more reliable than Chuck if the situation deteriorated, but some provision would have to be made for outside support as well.

Duty, Honor, Country, Family, Part 28

FBI Director Robert Mueller began the call to Attorney General Michael Mukasey by summarizing the current status of Swan Song and where it may still be heading. “Swan Song has been bungled in almost every imaginable way.”

“Then you should relieve Grant Williamson from his duties at once.”

“I am going to relieve him but not till I have his replacement ready to step in.”

“Do you already have someone in mind?”

Duty, Honor, Country, Family - Part Twenty Eight

by Danielle J

Synopsis- Hiromi tries to remain strong after being rejected by Chuck’s mother.

Duty, Honor, Country, Family, Part 27

Maurice Gao spoke up. “Do the Watanabes know Ripley is in Australia now?”

Gabrielle Tanaka answered the question. “Yes, they do.”

“Is it possible the Watanabes could check on her activities here?”

FBI Director Robert Mueller answered Maurice’s question. “We are taking precautions, Inspector. The McBride home in Alice is being watched. Charges are being made to Hiromi Sato’s credit cards to make it look like she is leading a normal routine here.”

Maurice nodded his head gently. “Thank you for answering my question, Director.”

Gabrielle looked over at Maurice. ‘Be patient, your turn will be coming soon.

Duty, Honor, Country, Family - Part Twenty Seven

by Danielle J


Synopsis- While a JAG attorney works on Hiromi’s legal defense, Gabrielle Tanaka advises the Swan Song committee on how they could get Ripley assistance once she returns to Japan.

Duty, Honor, Country, Family, Part 26

“I agree with you, Audrey-san. Ripley should not be prosecuted, but it is not my decision.”

“Minister Hatoyama is calling the shots?”

Kazu Ippitsusai remained silent. He had said too much already.

“Are you telling me Japan’s Prime Minister is behind it?”

“I cannot say, Audrey-san.”

Duty, Honor, Country, Family - Part Twenty Six

by Danielle J

Synopsis- Chuck and Hiromi have arrived safely in Australia, so Hiromi made her promised confession to him. It didn't go well, and Chuck became angry about being fooled by Swan Song and by his wife. He's run off home to try and help the original Hiromi, to whom he still feels loyalty, because he's never been sure that the old and the new weren't one and the same person. In order to help Hiromi’s legal defense, Gabrielle has given a affidavit that's almost sure to get her in hot water with almost everyone else at Pine Gap.

Duty, Honor, Country, Family, Part 25

The real Hiromi Sato was still in prison. A female guard had just brought her dinner.

“You are new here?” Hiromi asked the guard.

The guard, whose name was Sayo Seo, had been told to ignore Hiromi Sato and not to speak to her. So she turned her back and began walking out of the cell.

“Can you help me? I can make it worth your while.”

Duty, Honor, Country, Family - Part Twenty Five


by Danielle J

Synopsis- The Yakuza war between the Watanabes and Inagawas escalates as Hiromi meets with Swan Song officials.

Duty Honor County Family Part 25

My mother-in-law passed away a week ago today. Nanay's funeral was last Saturday. I wrote about all of this in Big Closet blog posts here and here.


I'm beginning to write again. My goal is to get Duty Honor Country Family Chapter 25 published by month's end. I do have  4,141 words written(Almost 200 additional words since I wrote one of my BC blog posts). I'm 1/4th to 3/10ths of the way there. Please be patient. More of Hiromi, Chuck, Gabrielle, and plenty of Yakuza mayhem are coming my reader's way.

I can't write at this time

This is in reply to several comments on the 24th Chapter of my Duty Honor Country Family story. I originally wrote this on September 4th at Big Closet.


There are just too much going on at my home right now. As I previously blogged, my mother-in-law's thyroid cancer has recurred. It has metastasized to her spine and Nanay underwent 10 radiation treatments. Doctors talked about surgery, but she is 75 years old and no family member thought Nanay would do well with that form of medical treatment.

Nanay went back in the hospital yesterday because she was having trouble swallowing and was becoming dehydrated. It was also discovered her blood pressure was very low. The swallowing issue may have been caused by the radiation treatments burning Nanay's esophagus. Tests are being done to determine this.

The Great Shift- Support Group

The Great Shift- Support Group

By Danielle J

Synopsis- Dr Anne Richardson was a struggling psychiartrist
fresh out of her internship till the Great Shift happened. Now she has
plenty of patients.

Author's Note- My first TG fiction story. It was first published in
June 2000.

This story is dedicated to FM author Elaine who so kindly gave me
some pointers