Slowly, in front of Fractal, a oval appeared. It shimmered with the colors of the rainbow before fractal patterns appeared on its surface. The oval started to flicker and Fractal frowned with concentration. The flickering sped up as sweat started to bead on her face. Finally the flickering stopped and Fractal opened her eyes.

Slowly, Fractal took one last look around. As much as she hated this world, it was her home. She would miss it. But her friends and loved ones were counting on her. This world was all but dead. Through her, they would live on.

Suddenly, space rippled around her. Instantly, she knew Bunny had just fired her gun. And it was doing what most people feared. It was ripping the universe to shreds. Desperately, Fractal through herself through her portal. Closing it behind her and saying goodbye to the only world she knew.